How To Rate Nigerian Hospitals Online

How To Rate Nigerian Hospitals Online –

Have you ever thought about rating any hospital in Nigeria? Most likely, you or someone you know or your relative had to use the hospital. At the end, you liked or disliked the way you were treated and you feel others should know? Here is the opportunity. Here is the guideline on How To Rate Nigerian Hospitals Online. It is very vital you know this.

Importantly, it is vital you get involved in this. Because, by rating the hospitals, you are not only helping other patients like you to make better choices; your feedback will also help Nigerian healthcare providers improve their services. In the end everyone benefits from the service. So, it is a win-win situation. Hospitals that are doing well will enjoy more patronage. On the other hands, the less efficient and effective ones can sit up and make amends.

How To Rate Nigerian Hospitals Online

This is how this works.

  1. You or your relative has just visited one or more of hospitals/ healthcare providers.
  2. Search for the name of the hospital you or your relative had just recently on the website by typing the name on the search box.
  3. Click on the hospital or provider’s name.
  4. Click on the Rate this Hospital link a questionnaire pops up.
  5. Complete the questionnaire.
  6. Enter your name, your age group and email address.
  7. Submit the form.


If the hospital that you or your relative had just visited is not listed here please send an email to Include the name and address of the hospital so that the records will be updated.

Furthermore, if you notice any other mistakes like omissions, misspellings or wrong addresses, also send to Any other suggestions for improvements are welcome.

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Common Questions And Answers

Q: What else can I do on this site?
A: On this site you would find the most comprehensive searchable directory of Nigerian hospitals, clinics and health centres.

Q: How can I help improve this site?
A: You can be of help in several ways. This includes providing feedbacks on your recent hospital experience, notifying us of any mistakes in spellings, names, addresses, phone numbers or facility locations. Please just contact us at with your suggestions and will respond as soon as possible.

What are you waiting for? Start now and give those hospitals the ranking they deserve.

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