1. my result name an my account number are not the same name,i hope npower will pay me

    • You will get paid. But to be on the save side login and edit your account information using the steps on this page.

  2. I want to edit and change the date of birth on the portal because it’s not correct. Instead of 1989, they wrote 1998.

    Also,i want to. Change my account number too. How do I go about it? Mails to selection always reurn back saying their box is full.

  3. my n power name is ogunleye magret but my account name is ogunleye folasade Margret pls what can I do

  4. I have been unable to access my npower account to upgrade my bank details for months now, I followed all the procedures stated above and tried resetting my password to no avail. Please what would I do next? Thank you.

  5. I want to change my account details my account name and account number but it was not going what should I do

  6. Please I filled n-power teach instead of n-power tax june 2017 . Can it be corrected? If yes…pls how?

    • Start a new application. But if the portal for registration is closed then it means you can’t do anymore registration, but can only access Npower login dashboard.

  7. Pls sir I just registered the npower.gov.ng can I have the chance to login

  8. My n power name is ishaq ibrahim but my account name is ishaq ibrahim basirka pls watch can i do

  9. Please I want to changed my name due to marriage,there is no where to changed it on my npvn profile,have sent all necessary document of changed of name,still have not see any money.

  10. thank you for your response on my last email.none payment of salary

  11. I’ve followed the steps on how to update my bank account but it’s still not working after entering my phone number as the username and my name as the password. It’s displaying invalid username or password. Please what do i do?

  12. I have logged in and try to follow your steps, but the icon for account setting, but there is no icon for account setting, what do I do?

  13. I have logged in and try to follow your steps, but the icon for account setting, but there is no icon for account setting…

  14. I have successfully register, but am finding it diffuclt o login and update my infor and the closing date is tomorrow. Hope its not gonna affect me?

    • As long as you have successfully registered, then there is no problem. You login is sure

      • I mean to re-update, hope i have no problem with that if i dont do it? Cos it seems de site is conjested.

  15. Good da sir/ma,I am the appliocant of 2016 selected in 2018,ftom N Agro under Ise/Orun local gov of Ekiti state,I have conferm my profile but due to computer error my last name and my bank Account details was not appear on my profile,My full name is Awe Folasade Caroline not Awe Folasade. This are the details of my bank Account. Account Number: 1912065898 Account name:Awe Folasade caroline Bank name:Heritage

    • Good day to you Awe Folasade.
      So sorry for that, but yet all hope is not lost, so you can still continue from where you stopped. Use the guidelines on this page to change your name, add bank information and rest of it. Good luck

  16. i have follow the step 1 to 6 as it was given to me on this page but the icon was not not open for me to fill in the full detail of my name and my bank details pls help me.

  17. Dear sir/ma,pls dont leave me alone with my problem i was unable to update my profile both bank details and my full name due to the fact that the icon or box was not open.My details which are; account number 1912065898 account name:Awe Folasade Caroline bankname:Heritage and my full name is AWE FOLASADE CAROLINE

  18. pls sir/ma, i am still looking forward for your help over my account profile that i was unable to update, for the past one month now,pls help me out my full name is AWE FOLASADE CAROLINE my account number 1912065898 bank name HERITAGE account name AWE FOLASADE CAROLINE, Thanks for your concideration.

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