How to Recover all Lost Data from Android

How to Recover all Lost Data from Android Phones

How to Recover all Lost Data from Android
Learn Full steps on How to Recover all Lost Data from Android Phones (here)

Have you been thinking that all hope are lost just because you suddenly lose your files on your phone? On this page am showing you beyond recovering all Lost Data in Android Phones, you will also be seeing the full guild to download application needed to recover Lost Data from Android devices free.
Android Data Recovery help you restore all lost text messages, contacts, photos and videos even MMS messages from Android phone or tablet back on your computer following the steps below.


There are is a recommended software you can use called “Android Data Recovery”, which you have to download and then install through your computer (PC). Below are the link to download Android Data Recovery application for free:


But here I will be showing you how to download and make use this software after downloading because its more effective when it comes to recovery data from Android phones.

Full Guide On How to Recover all Lost Data from Android Phones After Downloading Android Data Recovery Software

Step 1. –  Stop Updating Your Android Once Lost Precious Data
If your Android data is lost, stop adding or deleting any data of your Android. If not, your Android data will be overwritten. That is, all your lost data cannot come back to you any more. So, make sure not to update your Android as long as your data get lost.

Step 2. –  Run the Android Data Recovery
Install the program on your computer and run it, you will be asked to connect your Android device to PC via USB.

Step 3 –  Set up Android to enable USB debugging
After connectting your Android to the computer, go to the step 2 – Enable USB debugging. Here you have three ways to do it according to different Android OS version:
1. For Android 4.2 or the newer: Enter “Settings > About Phone > Build number” for several times and when you get the note: “You are under developer mode”, you can go back to “Settings > Developer options > USB debugging”.
2. Android 3.0 to 4.1: Enter “Settings > Developer option > USB debugging”.
3. Android 2.3 or earlier: Enter “Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging”.

In the latest version of Android Data Recovery, you are empowered to selectively choose which type of files to be scanned.  If you want to recover all type of files, you can just skip it and move on.

Step 4 –  Start scanning your Android for deleted files
Once you enabling USB debugging for your Android, it will be detected by the program. Then click on the green button “Start” to anaylize your Android data.
When you see the window below, it is time for you moving to your Android device again, tap on the “Allow” icon, then turn back to the computer and click on the “Start” button to continue.

Step 5 – Preview and recover contacts, messages, photos and video from Android
As you can see, this Android Data Recovery can recover data including text messages, contacts, photos and videos from your Android device. But you can only preview messages, contacts and photos now.
At the last step, check and mark those you want and click “Recover” to save them to your computer.


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