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How to Register R&S Lotto Online | R&S Registration Portal

R and S Lotto is one of the most popular lotto existing maybe its due to its gaming options and simplicity of playing the game. Every customer has their personal reasons why dey love R and S Lotto.

Understanding the fact that online lottery gaming has become so rampant that people can comfortably stay and play their games online using either mobile phone or pc or other available devices accessible to the internet. Yet not all lottos are played online.

Let’s take for instance the R and S Lotto – we have been getting may comment and text messages to list out the official websites of R and S Lotto and how to check R and S Lotto results online. We have made our research on this matter and come to find out that so far there isn’t an official website to play their games online.

R&S Lottery limited has its centres across all states, we are going to be releasing the “current list of R&S Lotto Address” to enable you to locate which one is closer to you.


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How to Register R&S Lotto Online and Play R&S Fast

For now, there isn’t a way of playing  R and S lotto via online. Instead, you should locate their centres/offices around you and play your game.

But note that this page will be updated as soon as we get an update on easy ways of playing the lotto game online or any means.


Warning!!! Be wear of Scammers

We have come to realize that some people post on facebook and other social media asking perticipants to pay certine amount of money in order to get the R&S Today’s Results. Please note that such message is a scam and any money you pay is gone and gone forever without benefit.



  1. how can i locate r&s lotto agent in ibadan if none i like to be an agent call 07062973271

  2. I want to be R&S Lotto agent , am in Port Harcourt

    • We understand how needed to learn how to become an agent with R&S Lotto, and that is the reason we are trying as much to gathr relevant information of the topic arised. Please do bear with us as we keep checking for the right ways to become an agent with the metioned lotto company.

      Once we gather the real information, we’ll definally make a free publication of it, so keep checking.

      Please, should in case of any question, do ask. We are always here to attend to every matter on th desk.


  3. Gud day, please is R & S accepting new agent for now or they have stop, please clarify me because i am having an issue on this thanks.

    • Always they do accept. But what have you done so far and What is issue are you having?

      Tell us so we can assist you well.

  4. Ok, i gave someone money to get a new machine for me and he said is 50, 000.00, instead of 40, 000.00 to registered and have the machine which i pay him after some hours he called and said that R & S are not accepting new agent that i have deposit another money for him to be able to get the machine i ask how much he said 20, 000.00, which i paid 10, 000.00 to balance him end of this month, my problem now is that the man went and register the machine in his own name instead of my name, can it be change online or do i need to go the office for the change.

    • So sorry Blessing, such a business registration should have been processed yourself. However, you can’t change the name of the machine online. Go to their office (preferable go that same office where the man did the registration) and get everything changed to your name.

  5. Another thing is this, how many percent do an agent get at the end of every month.


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