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How to Remove risky Third-party access to your data On Google Account

Signing into third-party’s website with Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. is actually the fastest and easiest way to gain access, saving the stress of filling out the registration form and all that.

But there are implications for using our existing accounts to login into any third-party website, which is the risk of access to your data.

The moment you lick on “Allow” means you have granted access to your data.

This is why I want to show you how to remove those access on your Google account. Google provied you the opportimity to review and remove those you do not trust.

How to see all apps with access to your data on Google

Google account risky access image 1
  1. Visit this page https://myaccount.google.com/security-checkup
  2. Click on the “Thirdparty access to see all apps with access to your data.

How to Remove App from having access to your data

once you have see the list of apps with access to your data, you should see a button “Remove Access” by the right side of each app listed.

How to Remove risky Third-party access to your data On Google Account 1

You will no longer be able to sign in/login into the third-party account once you click on ” Remove access”.

You should see an “Info” icon to allow you get more information about your connection with the app or site and other information like when you granted access, how many google users are giving access to the app to have access to their data, etc.

Would you also want to learn how to delete Google Account? Click Here to see the full tutorial.


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