How to Remove Third-Party Access To Your AdSense Account

Have you in any way authorized an MCM manager to access your AdSense account and make changes in your account settings on your behalf and you don’t know how to unauthorize that MCM manager after accepting the agreement?

This page will show you step-by-step to stop or cancel such agreement.

But first, do you understand what it means when you authorized your MCM manager to access your account?

Only wIth your consent Google’s agreement with you begins to govern any MCM manager’s use of your account.

Thus, Google agrees to facilitate the payment of the revenue share amount owed to your MCM manager on your behalf as defined in the agreement between you and your MCM manager. You are responsible for ensuring that the correct revenue share is paid to you and your MCM manager.

But guess what? You still have the right to stop sharing revenue with your MCM manager or remove them from your account anytime. In spite of you accepting them to have access to manage your Google AdSense account, it is still your responsibility to stop sharing revenue with them anything you want.

How Third-Party Gamins Access To Your AdSense Account

But you should not be confused or surprise to see any third party gaining access to your AdSense account because you accepted in the first place. For example; Ezoic is one of the top Google Certified Publishing Partners offering artificial intelligence services to digital publishers, Such third-parties Google also refers to them as MCM managers. Its major services are to helps increase Adsense revenue (if your application is approved) and to improve site speed. Learn more about Ezoic here.

During the application process, series of emails are bee sent out to the applicant which one of the emails is to accept them gain access to manage your AdSense account. So you should see such a list of Third-Party that gains access to Your AdSense account after such email is approved.

Then you will see a notification showing that your Google AdSense is a “Managed account“. (see image below).

google adsense managed account page-image

Why You May Want To Remove Any Third-Party From Accessing Your Account

Personally, I applied to Ezoic Monetization services but unfortunately for me, my blog wasn’t approved so removing all settings and deleting any agreed deals by me was the next option u til when next I will be interested to re-apply again (after 6months, their rules). Well, you might as well be in the same situation as me or it could be that you don’t get the results you expected or that you have much Third-Party Access To Your AdSense Account and want to trim them.

Your reason might even be different from the options mentioned. In any case, the steps on this page guide you to remove third-party access to your AdSense account whether they are trusted or not, you accepted to them to gain access knowingly or unknowingly.

How to Remove Third-Party Access To Your AdSense Account

  1. Log in to your Google AdSense account.
  2. Then navigate to the “Settings” menu (from the left side of the page).
  3. Then click on “Access and authorization” under the settings menu option
  4. Then click on “Third parties” under the Access and authorization menu option.
  5. You should see the list of third-party you have granted access to your AdSense account. Under each of them is a button “Remove manager from account” – to click on.
  1. Click on the “Confirm” from the pop-up to approve the removal of the selected MCM manager from your account.

Follow the same step to remove every single MCM manager from your account.

Then refresh your AdSense account to see that the “Managed account” notification will disappear (if you removed all).

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