How to replace new Phone number and Email in JAMB registration

Here you will learn the steps to replace new Phone number and Email in JAMB .  The reasons listed below has be why most people did not get their result tested to them via sms (till this moment) after writing jamb exam. But there is always a solution to every problem – if only you follow the right way to solve it.

Why you Should  Replace New Phone number and Email in JAMB Registration details:

  1. Lost of Mobile Phones and Sim Card – Its possible that during JAMB registration must applicant used a particular phone number. But on the long run (probably after writing Jamb UTME exam) their phone and sim card got missing or stolen. This is a very issue that warrants replacement of new Phone number and Email to jamb.
  2. Wrong filling of Phone number and Email address during Jamb UTME registration – This is one mistake one can avoid early time to jamb registration, but human are not always perfect so sure mistake is band to occur.

Why did I not get my Result send to my phone?

IT is possible to say that you either did not provide JAMB with correct emaill address or/and phone number during JAMB registration excesses.

How to replace new Phone number and Email in JAMB registration details:

There is only one way to replace new Phone number and Email to JAMB because after applicant has filled and submitted his/her application JAMB Team receives it and do other things that is need of them to do.

However, for you to replace new Phone number and Email to JAMB then you need to go to any JAMB Office around your area. You will be required to go along with your JAMB acknowledgment slip and any jamb doc used or received after registration.

NOTE: Any one who tells you to bring money to do that for you is a fraudster. Only JAMB can do that for you at this moment.

For more info use the comment box below. And out Team shall respond to it fast.



  1. Pls help me I am not able to input my reg num on jamb caps
    After I have logged inthe space for the registration number has my last year num and it refused to delete

  2. I went to jamb office in Uyo and they told me that there’s nothing they can do and I really need to change my Gmail account and phone number because they made a mistake in the Gmail by creating it with another number instead of my number written on the jamb slip

    • JAMB is correct (even though they are supposed to provide such). There is nothing they can do. You have to key using the email like that. Or you forfeit the email and account and create a new one, but have to be careful time.

  3. Hello sir Please help me out.i lost my phone used in jamb registration and i also forget my main gmail account password but im able to login on my jamb profile. But now i want to do correction in change of institutions please would it require me to get my phone number or to login my gmail acct for OTP

  4. Sir, when I was registering for my Jamb, I was trying it with a new number but it wasn’t going, so I tried the number that was linked to mu NIN and it went, the only problem is that I used the number last year, I was desperate cause of the deadline, I also used the email I used last year, it’s still showing my profile from last year and I’m scared, but when I tried to print my main examination slip it showed me the one for this year, I’m confused, is it good or bad, I tried printing my result, it said I didn’t register for this year, and I need to make payments for change of course but I don’t know if I should go through with it, it is showing 2021 registration only though. I’m really worried

  5. Please I lost my phone and I do not know how to changed the number in my Jamb registration so I cannot check my result right now. Please help me on how to change the number.

    • hello Oburo,
      you should go to the network provider to retrieve your phone number if that’s the case. But you can always check your results even without that plaease.

  6. My email and password are showing invalid whenever i want to log in my profile pls want should i do

    • Please sir, i lost my lost my phone number so otp was sent to the my email but if i check the email i did see any email send from jamb or otp here is my jamb no 20058101EF

  7. Pls how can i change my jamb Gmail account, because my last year data info and this year’s info are both showing on my caps infact the profile contains old details,I don’t what to do cos they will soon start giving admission.Pls helpppp

  8. I gave the wrong format of my name during my jamb registration and I also forgot the password to my email. So how do I fix all these??

  9. We don’t have jamb office in my area.and don’t know what to do

    • There is a jamb office in every state. It mustn’t be in your area Godwin. So go and locate the one in your state.

  10. Can someone who is admitted last year but did not go, can he/she still go for it

  11. i lost my phone with my sim card, how can i change my e-mail address and phone number?

  12. Please when is jamb going to release portal for checking of results

  13. Pls I lost my sim card i use for jamb registration,what should I do?

  14. Enter your comment here… The email address I used for jamb registration is not correct please I need help

  15. I lost my sim, but can I get my jamb result through my Gmail, pls somebody help me

  16. I haven’t sent my 2019 jamb result who ???

  17. Is it compulsory I go with my jamb acknowledgement slip if I want to change my email pls

  18. My gmail was wrongly typed when I was registering my jamb what should I do

  19. When can I do the change of email?? Is it before or after the exam???

  20. My name is ADEOLA REBECCA PELUMI mistake was don’t doing my jamb registration on my gmail address I note that six days after my registration and I have changed my gmail to the one that was write by mistake on my jamb form and I have not get any message on it from jamb office please I really need your help,because I don’t know what else to do

    • Good day.
      After changing your email did you confirm it was changed successfully? Did you save change??
      If actually, JAMB is to send you to message (which is true) then you should check your spam box (junk mail) if the message didn’t hit you main inbox.

      And if after you have checked no mail from jamb, then I suggest you recheck whether your email was successfully changed, also check the old email whether the message was sent to your old email.

      But in a situation where you don’t have the login information of that email, try to retrieve the account.

  21. I think the error of email for this year is much I am having same problem can login to my profile.
    Anyone with solutions should kindly share with us

    • What error displays when you try to login??

      Please elaborate more to get the assistance you need.

  22. please u people should help for this 2019 jamb mistake about my email

    • We wish we could help out on this we would have done that. However, there are available ways of editing email for now, but once its made available then we make sure to show you guys how to do it. Sorry.

  23. But the jamb office said we are to pay 3000 to change d gmail and number and u said is free

  24. The email address used for is naij. Come and it no longer exist, how can i solve this please

  25. i made a mistake during my jamb registration i put wrong email address…

  26. I made mistake In my jamb registration with wrong email

  27. how can i change my date of birth and phone number please

  28. please my email has been blocked to my jamb profile it dont work anymore…i even try to access it back but it said no email found how can I change or replace it with new email.
    please help me please

  29. Please I used another person’s phone number to open the Gmail account I used during my jamb registration but now I didn’t see the person again not even his number because I forgot my password and can’t access my admission status to accept… Please, what do I do?

    • Did you enable 2-way authentication on your Gmail account???
      If yes, then you can get your Gmail back.

      Or if you added an alternative email address to your New Gmail account, then you can as well get back or reset a password for login again.

      Then once you are able to gain access into your Gmail account, you may now proceed to JAMB website and click on “forget password” to get a link (sent to your email) you click on to reset your JAMB login password.

      Hope all of this is clear to you now?
      You can still ask the question if you’re still confused.

  30. I used diffrent number from my email while registring jamb and can,t login my profile its showing invalid email what can i do

  31. Please how can I change my email dat I used for myregistration,n how can I replace d number i used for me regisokotration? Bcs I’m not using d line Pease

  32. I lost my sim card and i use this number to register and i ask to sent sms to 55019 can that be possible

    • Sorry, if it’s not the same phone number used for the jamb registration then it will not work. It’s just like expecting an SMS alert from the bank with a phone number you never registered with.

      • I lost my sim card and the email address I used for registration was incorrect
        Can I change both phone number and email address

        • Yes, you can but you must go through any jamb office or the accredited jamb registration centers

  33. Hw can I replace my jamb email address to my current one

  34. please how can i change my jamb mobile number before jamb reprinting day? i lost my phone.

  35. My email is not correct pls how can I change my email ?

  36. I just put in for jamb and I put in wrong gmail I can’t print out my slip how do I go about it

    • is it that you can.t printout or you do not know your Gmail address??

      • Please I used my 2021 profile code and email address to register for jamb but it’s still bring out the old info what do I do

  37. how can I get my get my profile code and change my phone number

  38. i want to change my email bcos d 1 I used d password is correct. pls help me ooo

  39. how do I change my email address because the one I used is for the previous exam…pls

  40. Pls How can I change my gmail, the one I used is not correction but the phone number is correct ,Pls Help

  41. can I change email address after registration?

  42. I use a wrong gmail account pls how can this b correct

    • The information you need is already on this page. Thank you.

  43. I don’t know wat is happening to my email it is not going an I hv used it to register for jamb. Pls hw can I get d day and venue and time of my exam pls help me o

  44. am i going to need a scratch card to change the phone number

  45. I made a mistake on my date of I put October 9 1997 instead of October 10 1997 I hope it will not worry me

    • I lost the sim card I used for my jamb last year,is it going to affect my admission into any school.

      • No, Jummy.
        Just that your sim (phone number) and your email address will be a medium of communication and connection to your JAMB portal. That is, whenever there is information to pass across, it’s done via email and SMS, and they’re also needed when when you forget your JAMB login detail. But has nothing to do with your admission.

  46. my yahoo acct is no more recognized. How can i change it/

  47. How do I correct my name and date of birth after registration

    • I can’t access my jamb portal because of wrong email and I don’t know the number I used to open the email

    • Do you mean to get notification from jamb or…?

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