How to replace new Phone number and Email in JAMB registration

Here you will learn the steps to replace new Phone number and Email in JAMB .  The reasons listed below has be why most people did not get their result tested to them via sms (till this moment) after writing jamb exam. But there is always a solution to every problem – if only you follow the right way to solve it.

Why you Should  Replace New Phone number and Email in JAMB Registration details:

  1. Lost of Mobile Phones and Sim Card – Its possible that during JAMB registration must applicant used a particular phone number. But on the long run (probably after writing Jamb UTME exam) their phone and sim card got missing or stolen. This is a very issue that warrants replacement of new Phone number and Email to jamb.
  2. Wrong filling of Phone number and Email address during Jamb UTME registration – This is one mistake one can avoid early time to jamb registration, but human are not always perfect so sure mistake is band to occur.

Why did I not get my Result send to my phone?

IT is possible to say that you either did not provide JAMB with correct emaill address or/and phone number during JAMB registration excesses.

How to replace new Phone number and Email in JAMB registration details:

There is only one way to replace new Phone number and Email to JAMB because after applicant has filled and submitted his/her application JAMB Team receives it and do other things that is need of them to do.

However, for you to replace new Phone number and Email to JAMB then you need to go to any JAMB Office around your area. You will be required to go along with your JAMB acknowledgment slip and any jamb doc used or received after registration.

NOTE: Any one who tells you to bring money to do that for you is a fraudster. Only JAMB can do that for you at this moment.

For more info use the comment box below. And out Team shall respond to it fast.


  1. How do I correct my name and date of birth after registration

  2. I made a mistake on my date of I put October 9 1997 instead of October 10 1997 I hope it will not worry me

  3. am i going to need a scratch card to change the phone number

  4. I don’t know wat is happening to my email it is not going an I hv used it to register for jamb. Pls hw can I get d day and venue and time of my exam pls help me o

  5. I use a wrong gmail account pls how can this b correct

    • The information you need is already on this page. Thank you.

  6. Pls How can I change my gmail, the one I used is not correction but the phone number is correct ,Pls Help

  7. how do I change my email address because the one I used is for the previous exam…pls

  8. i want to change my email bcos d 1 I used d password is correct. pls help me ooo

  9. how can I get my get my profile code and change my phone number

  10. I just put in for jamb and I put in wrong gmail I can’t print out my slip how do I go about it

    • is it that you can.t printout or you do not know your Gmail address??

  11. please how can i change my jamb mobile number before jamb reprinting day? i lost my phone.

  12. I lost my sim card and i use this number to register and i ask to sent sms to 55019 can that be possible

    • Sorry, if it’s not the same phone number used for the jamb registration then it will not work. It’s just like expecting an SMS alert from the bank with a phone number you never registered with.

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