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  1. Efosa Alika. says:

    Pls I have been trying to log in my email so dat I can get updated, but they are telling me now dat I should verify my email account with the number I used to open it, and the number which I used to open my email is not for me, but for my friend,, so I went to go and ask my friend about the Sim which I used to open my email account the other day, he said he can’t find it again, and without dat number now I can not be able to know were I am posted to, more over even when I went to retrieve the number they said I should go and call the person dat register it, and this friend of mine said he can’t find the Sim park anymore, pls and pls I dont know what to do right now, I don’t know if there is any way u can help me before the exam commence. Pls I am waiting for ur replies.

    1. onlinedailys says:

      I is a yahoo email or gmail account??

      I asked this question so that we know the best resource to present to you. However, apart from using the phone number, there are still other ways to verify your email account (without a phone number). All you do is click the click below that’s written: “verify using other means”.

      You may be asked to enter the last digit of the mobile number, or enter alternative email (if any) or asked to enter the first and last digit of your password, or may be asked your last name and date of birth, so there are other means to log in your account.

    2. Abeeb ganiyu says:

      We have the same issue

  2. When registering the email address used for me was wrong and I think someone already has it so what can I do???

  3. I tried resetting my password, but am seeing ……….. (We are sorry:
    The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or had processing error or is temporarily unavailable.)

    Plz how can I get my password

    1. onlinedailys says:

      Will check that error and post an update right away here. Please just hold on for it.

  4. am avin d same issue as of GLORIOUS case…

  5. Olatoye ibrahim says:

    When registering.
    The email address Used was wrong but am wondering why jamb can accept d type of invalid email cause I want to use [email protected] Com but they mistakenly use [email protected]:::they use @gamil. Com instead of @gmail. Com and avoid already use d email address in jamb 2017 And I want jamb to help to correct this mistake in order for me to be able to log in to my profile plz and plz !!!!!cuz I was unable to log in to d profile at any where except jamb office and I was told to come and drop comment here

  6. Olatoye ibrahim says:

    The email they use is not correct with my email [email protected] instead of @gmail. Com they use @gamil. Com but am so surprised where they get password for incorrect email address and am having a serious problem with my profile cuz I was unable to log wit @gamil. Com but any time I log in with ([email protected])on my phone it we bring 2017 profile and it we not bring 2019 record but when I go to jamb office in ikoyi they log in to my profile through ([email protected])instead of (GMAIL. COM) and I can’t log in my profile at any other place except jamb office and I want jamb to help me to resolve my problem in order for me to be able to log in wit my phone or any other system except jamb laptop am in a big problem plz help me to resolve it fast

    The new email address dat I want to used is [email protected] not at (GAMIL. COM)

    My reg no 96651292hg

    Exam no c4870719

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