How to Resolve FirstBank Internet Banking Login Errors

Fistbank of Nigeria is one of the largest banks with millions of customers. We all know how stresssful this could be; wake up one morning then work to the FirstBank spending time with a long awaiting queue (even before banking hours startes “8:00am”) to resolve a particlar issue which could be resolved laying in your bed.

Aprat from the BVN linking, another major challenges that is common is the internet banking issue. Which comes in different ways.

Somtimes it could be that your username isn’t correct and you needed to reset or your password, etc.

But in the issue of using your Hardware Token to login is another challenge that you hardly know this is smething you can sty in your comfort zoon and get it resolved one-time.

And that is why we have created this page. Remember “Time is money”. resolving your challenges through the internet is one of the fastest ways of using your time well.

Before we go into the issue for this page, Let’s talk about the login process without an error first.

If you have your Token then you can log into your account using the steps below.

How to Login FirstBank Nigeria Internet Banking portal

Image of FirstBank Login Page .png

1. Go to the FirstBank Official Website

The main website leads your to the internet Banking page where you can login to access your account information via the internet.

2. Click on the “Internet Banking” Button

You should see “Internet Banking” at the top of the page to click on in order to see the FirstBanking internet Banking login form.

3. Provide your User ID and Verification Number

Image of FirstBank Login Page 2.png

It opens a new page for you to enter your user ID which, then below it is a verificxation code you must enter in the box provided on order to move to the next stage of your login FirstBank account online.

Then click on the “Next” button to open the next login page.

4. Generate Code From Your FirstBank Hardware Token

Image of FirstBank Login token Page.png

The FirstBank Token is what gives final access to your account. And it is been generated by the pressing of the button, you see the 8-digits codes display on the screen which you have to input into the box.

Please do this fast to type in the code you generated before the token goes off. Because once the token goes off and you’re not fast enough to enter the code, then that code won’t work again (it has expired) you have to re-generate a new code again by pressing the Token button.

Then click on the “Next” button below to see your account.

Resolving FirstBank Internet Banking Login Errors

Paraventure you have tried and tried logging into your account using these steps and you see an error on the Token area something like this (see image below)

Image of FirstBank Internet Banking Login Errors 1

Error message:

“Token Validation Failed”

You can try it upto two times, then you;

  • Take a Screenshot of the error page
  • Login into your email. Please Use the same email account acciosiated with your bank account.
  • Click on “create a Mail” or “Compose” etc.
  • You will be sending the error message and the screenshot of the error page to “
  • Your Subject should be brief, simpe and related toyour challenges. For example you could say; “Login Error; Token Validation Failed
  • Inside the body of your email, you could also talk a brief about you and mention your Bank account number this will help them confirm it is you actually.

For example;

My name is Martine John, I maintain an account with FirstBank, my account number is XXXXXXXXXX.

I tried logging into my account using the internet banking method, I entered my user ID, the verification code, but on validating my token – it shows up error and refuse logging me into my account.

Please check the attacted image, I have included the screenshot of the error page.

I will appreciate your fastest responded on this issue. Thanks

  • Now make sure you attached the image you screenshot. Then send your mail.

There is no more thing for you to do again. Just relax and wait for their respond with comes within 24hrs or 48hours at most.

You see how simple it is to resolve FirstBank Internet Banking login errors, instead of going to the bank, which is still what they will do for you if that is not where (the branch) you opened the account.

Another FirstBank Internet Error You Might See

Resolve FirstBank Internet Banking Login Errors

This is for your own good. It is called “Error Time-out”. Whereby you have wasted time on a page without doing anything, You will be logged out for security reason like;

  • Not you access the page with your information.
  • You left your login information and others may come see your information on the screen.
  • Not using your person device to access your account.
  • and few more…

So all you have to do is click the refresh button or reload your browser to start again.

Use the comment box below to ask your question if any. Also share and like this page.


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