How to retrieve National Identification Number (NIN) to check for collection

Those who enrolled a few years back are beginning to collect their National Identity card. We know how important this ID card is! But fortunately, some may have misplaced their slips, or urgently want to check if ID card is ready but forgotten the NIN, if you’re in any of the categories then the information on this page is for you.

Understand that the NIN is one of the most secure and accurate enrolment (like the Nigeria International Passport Enrolment) Nigeria Government has brought on board as the enrolment consists of the recording of an individual’s demographic data and capture of the ten (10) fingerprints, head-to-shoulder facial picture and digital signature, which are all used to cross-check existing data in the National Identity Database to confirm that there is no previous entry of the same data.

So every successfully registered citizen for the National Identification card (also known as National ID Card) are been assigned with a unique number called NIN. And interesting to know that NIN is not issued or assigned to different people even if the previous person is dead.

That National Identification Number (NIN) sticks with the original person enrolled with forever.

Now you can always check if your National ID card is available for collection even if you have forgotten your NIN. You can refer to this page and learn how to check for your National ID card availability and where to collect it.

Here are the steps to check now.

Image of retrieve National Identification Number

How to retrieve National Identification Number (NIN)

  1. On your mobile phone dial *346#
  2. from the options displayed, select “NIN Retrieval”, by typing in ‘1’, if you are using the same phone number you enrolled with for your NIN
  3. follow the steps displayed on your screen and provide the required inputs
  4. note that using this service attracts a N20 (tweny naira) fee only (deducted from your phone credit balance).

Please note that the NIN USSD Code is currently available on the MTN and Airtel mobile networks in Nigeria.

Now you know your NIN – what next, you may ask, right? Log on to the website and check for your ID card now – it’s free!

Do you have any questions?

Use the comment box below, we are here to always assist you on any query. Also, share this page with others, let everyone start checking and collecting their National ID card.

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