Learn How To Sell Recharge Card Products

How To Sell Recharge Card Products – You know most time people ask me this question “please Sir how can I market or sell my recharge card?” While here is a free online tutorial to learn how to sell recharge card products .

Lets start! It may bother you as an up coming entrepreneur on how to sell your recharge card products and make good profit. Do not have the fear that you are new in the business and that you may be denied of good patronage.

First Method:

All you need to do is to make a serious marker survey of your area. Also make a list of sub-Dealers that sell at cheapest rate to the GSM call centers around you. Then, try to reasonably cut your own price and wait for the result. You will discover that people tend to work a few kilometers from their vicinity just to patronize a dealer in another locality simply because of a reduction in price which is not even more than 50 kobo – N1.

For example, if the cheapest MTN of N100, in your area goes for N98, you may sell for N96.50kobo and beat the other dealers (your competitors). However, always remember that no matter the number of competitors in the recharge card business, you will still have your own cut of the market. This is a principle that is driven by creativity and good market strategy.

Note that your customers will come to you.

Second Method:

In addition to this, you may adopt the family sales technique. This involves every member of the same household having some vouchers with them at any point in time and are ready to make sales at the slightest possible chance to do so. This method has been tested and the results, very positive.

Selling at both wholesale and retail price can bring in extra earnings and increase profit margin.

Third Method:

In this method you have to let others do the sales for you or your company. In this method you involve people who may or may not ordinarily be interested in this business by offering vouchers to them on credits and with profit. For instance, Mrs. A may not be into the sale of voucher, and she may even be a cyber café owner or business center agent… You approach Mrs. A and offer her some cards say 10 of each unit of MTN 100, Airtel 100 and Glo 100 at the rate of may be N98. Now she makes gain of N2 on each while you make gain of N7 – N10, (depending on the network) and sell faster.

I hope you understand that it is the cumulative effect of this that will count when it comes to calculating your profit?

Fourth Method:

You can sit down, watch and study your environment properly; you will discover other techniques that will work for you. Always bear in mind that no matter the number of your competitors, you still will have your fair share of the recharge card market!

Your major dealers are also in best position to sell the recharge card pins at a reduced cost. Running this with voucher printing business will no doubt increase your profitability level.

How to Get the Dealers that sell at cheap rate:

Right now there are few dealers that can supply you pins at a reduced price, but we do not disclose them publicly so you have to make payment of N4,000 only into any of the Bank account listed below:

Bank: First Bank plc
Account NO: 3066151282

Bank: GTBank plc
Account: 0149651074

Text your full name, Email address and teller number to 08032934651. The list of dealers including their office addresses, contact numbers and their current price will be forwarded to your email address just after you have sent your details to the above mobile number.

I believe that with this little idea you should have learn how to Sell Recharge Card Products around your area. For more information call 08032934651 or email: onlinedailys.service@gmail.com.

Share this information across to others too.

Good Luck.


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