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How To Send WhatsApp Text Message Without Typing It

WhatsApp has various ways of sending messages across, which one of the most useful ways is typing a message and some people find it inconvenient doing that so they engage with the audio messaging and video calling.

All these are ways of sending messages across. But do you know that you can from this minute start sending text messages without typing it?

Yes, the feature is on your keyboard already and you may not know about this.

And that is why we have created to show you how to start sending WhatsApp Text Message Without Typing It.

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About WhatsApp Dictation

This feature is called ‘WhatsApp Dictation‘.

WhatsApp Dictation is that ability for you to speak words through your phone and WhatsApp converts into text. For this feature to be effective ensure being in a quiet environment to help WhatsApp dictation work perfectly, PLUS it is recommended that you speak slowly and clearly to give WhatsApp the best chance of dictating your message correctly.

Using the WhatsApp Dictation to Send Message Without Typing It

In order to use WhatsApp Dictation,

  1. you basically open a chat,
  2. hit the text bar,
  3. then tap the keyboard microphone icon. This will activate the microphone and will begin dictating everything you say.
  4. then start saying/voicing your message. The microphone will continue to listen, and WhatsApp will continue to dictate as long as you’re talking. It will deactivate after a few seconds of silence.
  5. Once WhatsApp has written down everything you’ve said, you send your message in the normal way (taping your send button).

You may want to ask that I do you write the punctuation marks, right?

It is simply by saying them. For example saying: ‘comma’ or ‘question mark just after saying something.

And remember, you have to slowly and steady, then make sure that your environment is quiet so that the microphone can hear every word you talk.

How to Locate Your Microphone On Your Keyboard

You should see the ‘Microphone icon’ at the top of the keyboard If you are using the default Android keyboard (Google keyboard). See image below;

android microphone button image

Then if you are using the porpular ‘Swift Android keyboard’ you should see the microphone icon deside the space button.

For iOS users you can get the Microphone at the bottom of the keyboard and you can also use the top microphone as well. See image below;

iOS microphone icon location image

Now, enjoy flexible communication send messages without typing it on WhatsApp.


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