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How To Set Up Gmail In Outlook To Send & Receive Emails

If you have a Gmail account that you don’t want to change but you prefer using Outlook interface, there is no reason to worry. You can set up Gmail in outlook to send and receive mails at any given time of the day. That is to say, people can send you emails using your Gmail address and you can also send suing the same address. But, you will be opening and sending these mails from your Outlook mail account. Is that possible? Very possible. We will show you how.

So, you don’t have to dump your Gmail which you have been known with to start using Outlook. In this case, you can get the best of both: continue using your Gmail address while accessing them from Outlook interface. So, before you ask how to set up Gmail in Outlook, let’s take you there immediately.

How To Set Up Gmail In Outlook

Follow us as we show you how to use Gmail from Outlook. Below are the steps you will have to follow to set this up.

1. Enable IMAP in Gmail

You will need to enable a feature called IMAP to be able to do so.

  1. Log into your gmail account from the web.
  2. Then, click on your settings.
  3. Under the place for “Forwarding and POP/IMAP”, you’ll find the settings you need. Here you can choose between the POP and IMAP protocols for email syncing.  Select “Enable IMAP”. Choose Disable POP to avoid duplicate emails later.
  4. If you have a ton of email, you may want to use the Folder Size Limits control. This lets you restrict syncing to folders with fewer than a certain amount of messages.

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2. Add Account To Outlook

So, we are done with the IMAP set up. Let’s connect the Gmail to Outlook now.

  1. Open your Outlook account.
  2. Then, click on the “File” button in your Gmail account.
  3. Make sure you’re on the Info tab. Select the Add Account button near the top to begin the process.
  4. Then, type in your Gmail account.
  5. Click on “Connect”
  6. You will be required to put in your Gmail password. this is to ensure someone else isn’t making use of your account.
  7. Ensure your details are accurately filled in.
  8. Log on to the Gmail account that you want to use in Outlook Mail, and allow any requests for Microsoft to access your account. Then, you are good to go.

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So, once this is done, you can use your Gmail account to receive and send emails from the Outlook interface.

Do you have questions about how to Set Up Gmail In Outlook? Why not use the comment box below and we shall attend to you below.


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