How to Sign Up Facebook Audience Network ads – With Complete Setup Guides

Facebook Audience Network is a great platform that let you monetize your mobile property with Facebook ads. The opportunity earning far more than the AdMod is massive.

Facebook give you the opportunity to optimize for every ad request resulting in more revenue, visibility into the true value of inventory, and easy to maintain with lesser ad ops resources.

Come to think of it, why Facebook Audience Network should earn you more money than other mobile app ad platforms.

The world assembles on Facebook for different goals, which keep increasing the amount of money business owners invest to consistently keep running ads.

This is why – if your mobile app content is about games, news, education, etc… you have a massive chance of tripping your earning when compared to AdMob, MoPub, and the rest of them.

This page will guide you all through the process on how to Sign Up Facebook Audience Network ads, including a complete setup guide for your Facebook Audience Network to showing on your mobile app contents.

We’ve discussed Facebook audience network registration, adding payment options, creating your ad space, and ad placement.

What you should have before signing up for Audience Network by Facebook

1. You need an Active Facebook Account

You need to have an active Facebook account or you can sign up for a new one if you are a new user (This page shows you steps to Sign Up for a New Protected Facebook Account). The Facebook account is what you need to login to the Facebook Audience Network.

2. Your App Running on either Google or iOS app store.

Although there is an option to create an Audience Network if you haven’t submitted your app. However, if you’re here because you want to learn how to start making money with Audience Network by Facebook, then you should have gotten your app approved and active on the various app store. Once the setting up of your Audience Network is completed, then ad should start showing just as you’ve configured it.

3. Your App loaded with Contents

Also ensure that your mobile app is loaded with with information, respective of the niche it is built for. This will help Audience Network to keep providing relevant ads that will definitely trigger your audience to have a look of those displayed ads. The absent of contents in your mobile app store is like having a farm-yard without cultivated crops.

Creating Facebook Audience Network ads Account

Simply follow the steps laid down to create your Facebook Audience Network.

You should have gotten a Facebook account by now. Then ensure that you are logged in to the account.

1. Visit the Audience Network mail page “HERE

2. Click on “Monetize Now”

Facebook Audience Network monetize homepage-image

3. A new page with the following URL will display – On this page you can as well take your time to read through the information provided. It is a simply guide you are expected to go through to Start Monetizing your mobile app now. But don’t worry because those are the same steps that we have shown on this page in the simplest form of understanding.

If you’ve read and understand all the expected steps , then click on “Get Started Now

audience network facebook-get started-image

4. A pop-up comes up for you to Log in With Business Manager and choose an account for Monetization Manager, or create a new one.

Use the drop-down menu to select from the list of your Facebook Business Manager or create a new one if you haven’t already or don’t want to use any of those available.

Facebook business manager select or create-image

Then a form pops-up next for you to complete your details. Check out the form for any information needed to complete, file it to proceed.

Adding Your App to Facebook Audience Network Ads

Step 5: Enter The Name of the App You want to Add

The app name becomes the “Property” (that’s what you see after setting up your Audience Network account.

You will also be requested to enter your app’s privacy policy page link.

Step 6: Select The Property that You want to Add to your App.

facebook audience network-image 2

Understand that Each property can contain one iOS app and one Android app. You should see iOS, Android, and Instant Articles. SO click which one you want to work on (add) to proceed.

Step 7: Add your App to Facebook Audience Network Ads.

facebook audience network add your app-image

Already, we assume that your app is published, therefore you have the official link to your page.

Enter the URL, then enter the name of your app just as it appears in the play store. But in most cases – once the URL is entered, it automatically shows up your app name.

Your app logo and other details will show for you to confirm its correct.

Adding a New Payment to your Audience Network Account

FB audience network payment details-image

Step 8: Click on the “Add a new payment account”.

You should see a pop-up to select the country and type of business you operate. This will help Facebook to correctly profile you for payment.

facebook AN select payment-image 1

After you have entered your Business details and proceeded, then next screen is to provide your payment information. Now you’ll be requested to provide the legal name of the owner of your business or organization, or if there is no individual owner, a person authorized to sign on its behalf.

new image from facebook an
How to Sign Up Facebook Audience Network ads - With Complete Setup Guides 1

You may want to add more admins to manage the account with you – totally optional and can be done anytime. Click on “Done” proceed. You will be redirected back to the previous page you came from to enable you to select the account you just added for payment.

At this point, you have successfully added your bank details and ready to start getting paid by Facebook.

How to create your Audience Network Ad space

The next step is to create your Audience Network Ad space. And to start doing so simply make sure you are logged into your Facebook Audience Network account,

  1. Then navigate to the left menu and select “Integration”, then “properties”.
  2. Then select the property you want to create ad space for. You may see a list of properties (apps) you have in case you have more than one.
  3. Click the “Create Ad Space”
  4. Give your ad space a name you would love, to enable you always keep track fast.
  5. Then describe the steps Facebook will need to follow to find the ad where you have placed them.
  6. Then click “Create Ad Space”.

Create a New Placement in Monetization Manager

Creating a new placement in the monetization manager comes after creating your Audience Network Ad space.

Now is the time to assign the types of ads and where to place them in your mobile app contents.

  1. Go to Monetization Manager.
  2. Find and select the property where you want to create an ad placement. Click the “THREE DOTS” behind your the property, then select Manage Property.
  3. Select the Ad Space, then click + Create placement. Or, you can create a placement from your platform overview by clicking the “THREE DOTS”, then Create placement.
  4. Name the placement and choose the Ad Space. Then, select the ad Display format. Learn more about Facebook Audience Network ad formats here.
  5. Set the price you’ll accept for impressions (optional). This determines how we run the auction for each impression on your app.
  6. Then get the Placement IDs and place into your app builder platform (in the monetization area), then save the change.

Done. Your Facebook Audience network is on the way to start displaying while you keep earning.

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