How to Spy on Your Competitor’s High-Performing Facebook Ads

The ad campaign has become a MUST do activities in order to get the desire results. Today, many markers spend hundreds and thousands of dollars $$$ running various ads, engaging on split testing yet resulting in losses at all time.

How about you can see what other professionals are going on your space and you are able to copy the exact formula to get the same insane results like them, won’t you appreciate it?

Of course, you will…

This is why we are showing you the exact tools to always use and set up your own Facebook Ads campaign to earn higher converting results.

Now it is easier and faster to create a high converting Facebook ad campaign because you can leverage on the Face.

In May 20189 Facebook released a free-to-use tool called “FB Ad library“.

The Facebook Ad Library Tool enables you to understand the exact hooks, headlines, offers, opt-in pages, sales pages, images, videos and ad creative that is working on Facebook right now.

In addition to learning how to use this new FB ads tool, you will understand several ways that you can leverage the information you get when spying on your competitors to increase your ad’s response rate.

Please Note:
Understand the concept of this tool, know that its not an opportunity for you to plagiarize your competitors; swiping and deploying their ads as your own. It is a terrible idea to think or do so.

Let’s dive into the steps; several ways you can Spy on Your Competitor’s High-Performing Facebook Ads to make positive use of the data you got.

Facebook Ad Spy Tool Page

Facebook ad library image is the official Facebook Ad Spy Tool

In the box, you can decide typing in keyword(s) or a particular category (that is if you don’t have any competitor in mind to spy.

On the other hand, if you know your competitors’ Facebook Fan page – you input it and you should see the exact and more drop-down suggestions from select from.

Another interesting thing about the Facebook ad library is that whether you have an account or not, or logged in or not – you’ll always have access to the ad information.

How to Spy on Your Competitor’s Facebook Ads

  • Log on to the website
  • Enter the niche or category of products and services you want to check on. Also, you can directly enter the Fan Page name of your competitor if you know it.

    once you enter the information and tab your “Enter Key” or as you type you should see drop-down suggestions to select from.
  • You should see all active ad campaigns.
  • Now you can see how your competitors entered its title, image, description and you can click on the button (it could be; learn more, contact us, etc.

You should see a list of active ad campaigns PLUS you can filter your results by countries, ads types (whether Facebook or Instagram or All), etc.

At this point, you should have a clear idea of how to strategize your own ad. Remember these competitors have spent money testing which one works, and now they are concentrating on the converting campaigns – spending thousands of dollars and getting awesome results.

As for you, you won’t have to split test, nor spend money unnecessary – just focus on what’s working for others and do yours to get the results you long expected.

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