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How to Track Stolen Phone – You can Lock, Erase & find Location

Anyone can fall victim of misplacing or Phone being stloen. In any case, our major wories at that point is usally how to get the phone back, perhpas phone can be misplaced on a taxi seat or a subway and the person in porsession of it may pick up when you call your number.

But in the other senerior where its stolen then we should first wory about our stored information; contacts, finiacial details, messages and documents and other media files.

This page will guide you through on how to track stolen phone to get the location

But note that non of thses steps will work for you if your phone is not a browsering phone. The only remedee is to call the number and luckly for you picks up then you further arrange collection point.

So let’s dive into the main matter…

How to Track Stolen Phone

There are various ways posible for yoy to to find your lost phone
this includes;

  • To Track stolen phone with IMEI
  • To track stolen phone from your locality (in your country)
  • To track stolen phone with Gmail (Google Account)
  • To track stolen phone by Number

To Track stolen phone with IMEI

You may first ask “What is imei?” – IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique number places or attached to every phones (whether internent enable phones or not). Or you can as well regard the unique number as your phone’s social security number.

The IMEI number is unique to your device, therefore, every phone has it to used identifying its make, model, and serial number. No phone has match IMEI number – it has never happened.

Many free phone finder apps are available for you on Google Play, such as AntiTheft App & IMEI Tracker All Phone Location. It depends the one you understand and that has a real-time tracking result.

Or better still Contact law enforcement, they may be able to trace your phone by its IMEI number.

Track, Lock & Erase Device Data Using Google

You probably be among those searching for “how to track their phones with Gmail”, this is it. You don’t use Gmail. Gmail is only part of Google’s accounts you may have gotten.

The Google tool for tracking phone is called; ” Google Find My Device” – you should have created a Google account (either via Gmail, Youtude, Google drive, etc – all forms remails the same).

Remember that when you where in porsession of the phone you had configured your Google play acct, Gmail, Youtude etc. That is your Phone was setup using Google Account (mostly for Android).

Now that the phone is missing or stloen, then free and easiest way using Google track tool is;


  1. Use another device (could be phone or PC) to log on to –
  2. Login your Google account from the Login form. Make sure the Google acct you are logging in with was the same account used on the phone as at when you were in possession of it.
  3. If your Google Map or location map is enabled; you will see Google displace where (area, state, and location) your devices currently are. See image below;

    But in a scenario where your location is not enabled on the phone then you will only be left with other features (options) to block and to erase phone data; see image sample below

    Google Track Stolen Phone tool
    So you can see; it shows the name of your phone, model, battery percentage, and telling you that your phone location is not on.

    4. Now you have the next move to be decided by you. It is Either you want to;
      – Secure your device by permanently locking it and sign out your google account on the device or

      – That you want to erase all contacts from the device

You can follow the steps that come after to complete your action.


But note that you can still be able to keep track of your phone location even when you lock your phone. On the other hand, when you erase your contacts and information then you won’t be able to keep track the phone anymore.

Alternative online places to track and lock your phones also includes;

Please note that if your stolen phone is switched off, sorry you can’t track it except that you’ve to wait for the person who stole it to switch it on again and then you could track it down.

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