How to Transfer Cryptos from Luno Wallet to other Crypto Wallets (Binance)

This page covers a complete steps to transfer Cryptos from Luno Wallet to other Crypto Wallets. It really doesn’t matter which crypto wallet you are sending from and to; the same steps can also be adopted on other cryptocurrency wallets.

I will be using Luno wallet to fund my Binance wallet account on this page.

You may be pushed to ask why I’m using Transfering my cryptos to Binance, right?

Well, the summary of it all is that I make more interest (income) everyday saving my cryptos in Binance, instead of just storing it (cryptos) for months and years without any retunes. Learn how to invest for daily interest on Binance without having to trade (click here).

So you see, Luno is a crypto wallet, so also Binance.

But Binance has more broad features and services including the same services Luno is offering – that is buying and selling cryptos, yet Luno charges are extremely high (see Luno charge rate here).

But that’s by the way!

This page is to take you by-hand on transferring your cryptos from one wallet to another wallet.

To achieve this, something you have to check first and that is;

  • Have you created an account with any best and secured Crypto Wallet – See Top 10 Crypto wallets you may also want to sign up with.
  • Ensure your account is set and ready to withdraw from; any time you want. That means verifying your crypto account to enable you to do more transactions.
  • Get your crypto address ready.

At this point, you should be ready to fund or transfer fund to that (new or other) crypto account.

How to Transfer Cryptos from Luno Wallet to other Crypto Wallets

To start, make sure you already have your crypto Tag ID and wallet address of the account you are transferring to.


Step 1: Login to your Crypto Wallet Account

You should login to the crypto account that has the crypto you want to transfer to another crypto wallet.

So I will be logging into my Luno wallet account since this is where I will be transferring from

Step 2: Enable Your SEND feature on Luno

This part may not be applicable to you if you are not using Luno wallet. Other platforms like Coinbase Pro, Binance, etc don’t specially request to enable SEND/WITHDRAWAL feature on the account.

But if you are using luno, like me, then you have to go through the process laid below;

  • Then click on Wallet menu
  • Click on Send
luno withdraw page image 2
  • You will be asked if you want to enable the send feature (if you haven’t for the first time). Click on ENABLE SEND
  • You’ll receive a text message from luno containing your code. Though you can as well apply for a direct call instead.

    The SMS sent to you contains a link (with verification codes) you will need to click on or type on your browser to verify your consent to enable SEND feature.
    But is faster when you call, listen carefully for the key options to press to enable the SEND feature. You will speak with luno, asking you to press 1 to authorise or 9 to disallow.
  • Click on the GOT IT button once you are done to take you to your luno wallet page (if you used calling method) or to re-login through the link SMS to your phone.
luno withdraw page image 4

Now you should see your account with a confirmation that you will be able to send cryptos to other wallets from now on.

Step 3: Start Your Transfer Process

Once you’ve enabled the SEND feature, you will redirected to the SEND page to select the cryptocurrency you want to transfer

Then you will be asked to enter the amount of currency you want to transfer and the wallet address.

Then confirm your transaction.

Though you have an extra step when doing this on mobile app, you will enter your transaction PIN to authorize the transfer.

And that’s it!

Now, the receiving account should get credited in no time.

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  1. how can i withdraw or transfer my watch wallet to my main wallet?

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