How To Transfer Money From Keystone Bank To Other Banks

Sending money to other banks is easy and can be carried out in different ways. On this page, we’ve concentrated only on the various ways to transfer Money from Keystone to other banks.

We understand that banking is a business model whereby they (banks) makes money through the charges for, that’s why every bank in Nigeria (and aboard) offers similar services. Although the processes and platforms are likely not to be the same, whereas the end results remain the same.

Back to Keystone bank, the bank has provided different channels for its customers to send money not only to the same bank but as well other banks (like GTBank, Access Bank, Zenith Bank, etc, including to Micro Finance banks) and mobile Wallets (like OPay, Paga, PalmPay, etc).

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Methods of Transferring Money

  1. USSD Code
  2. Internet Banking
  3. Mobile App Banking
  4. Bank Arena
  5. ATM Point

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Getting Started With Keystone Bank Money Transfer

Among the FOUR methods of transferring money from Keystone bank to other banks or/and same bank, THREE methods require that users will undergo a registration process for the approval to use those channels.

None of the channels offers free money transfer, therefore, to be charged. However, their daily transaction limits differ. However, there are different methods of sending Money from Keystone Bank to other Banks, but it all depends on which one you’re privileged to use.

Transferring Money From Keystone Bank To Other Banks

These method of banking allows users to send money 24/7, excluding going to the banking hall – that only works from Mondays (8:00 AM) to Fridays (4:00 PM).

Also, there may be a limitation using the ATM point depending on the location of the ATM and the time at which the user wants to transact. It is not 100% safe transacting on the ATM point, especially ungodly hours like from 11 pm to 4 pm (depending on location), that is just the limitation.

Other channels/methods like the USSD, Mobile app and Internet banking allows users t to be in the comfort of their home (24/7 ) to carry out transactions swiftly with peace of mind.

Transfer Money From Keystone To Other Banks (USSD)

USSD method of banking has to do without an internet connection, rather you’re needed to activate your mobile phone number for the service, yet the fastest method of banking. Please note, it has to be the same phone number profiled by your bank.

The main reason for the USSD mobile code activation process is to obtain a 4-digit PIN (different from your ATM PIN) for any transaction confirmation/authentification. However, during the activation process, your account number will be required also.

With the phone number linked to your Keystone account dial *7111*0# and follow the on-screen instructions.

Transfer Money From Keystone Bank To Other Banks:

To send fund money from your keystone bank to other bank accounts like FCMB, First Bank, GTBank, Zenith Bank, etc. Dial *7111*Amount*Account Number#, follow the instructions on your phone screen to complete your transaction.

Requirements to use USSD:

  • Mobile Phone
  • Phone number (Sim card) registered to your banking profile.
  • Keystone USSD banking code.

Remember that the Keystone USSD banking registration code is *7111*0# to register your phone number before carryout any USSD transaction.

Using Internet Banking to Transfer Money From Keystone To Other Banks

You MUST go to your Bank to create and activate a username and password, PLUS the hardware token device that will be issued to you. The Bank registers and links the hardware token to your account to enable it to recognize your account.

Internet banking is carried out on the internet, that means visiting Keystone Bank official website to carry out your transactions.

To get started:

  1. Go to the Keystone Bank internet banking website
  2. On the right side of the page, select (click on) either a personal account or a business account
  3. Input your username and password, then click on ‘Sign In’.
  4. There is an option to transfer Money from Keystone Bank to other Banks, that you select, then input the amount, account number, and bank.
  5. Follow the rest of the on-screen instructions to complete and submit your transaction request.

Requirements to use Internet Banking:

  • Internet
  • Hardware token device (Not free)
  • your user ID and password to login

Transfer Money From Keystone To Other Banks Using Mobile App

Get the Keystone Bank app downloaded onto your mobile phone. The link below will redirect you to your app store choice to download the bank app.

Lunch your app (after5 it’s successfully downloaded) and proceed with the instruction on your screen.

When you’ve logged in, navigate to the transfer menu, then select to ‘transfer to other bank’, then complete the remaining step – select the bank, type in account number, etc. Then enter your Pin to Hardware token Pin to authorize the transaction, and submit. Done!

Transfer Money From Keystone Bank To Other Banks in the Banking Hall

In the Banking hall you’ll need to fill out a transfer form. On the transfer form you will state the following information listed below. However, some bank’s fund transfer form allows multiple beneficiary fund transfer. Instead of filling different forms (that’s a waste of time and resources I guess).

Beneficiary details:

  • beneficiary name,
  • beneficiary account number,
  • the bank name of the beneficiary,

Your details:

  • your phone number,
  • your account name,
  • your account number to debit from,
  • amount to transfer.

The bank completes the money transfer process on your behave.

Transfer Money from Keystone Bank account to other banks via ATM Point

Using ATM is almost like making transacting from a Mobile app and internet banking channels,because you have to log in with a PIN (sometimes different from the mobile app and internet password or PIN). But differently because you need either an ATM card or your Finger-print (if using the same Keystone Bank ATM – your bank).

Again, you can carry out your money transfer transaction from any ATM point. So to do this through any atm point you have to;

  • approach any atm, use your card or fingerprint (if it is the same bank),
  • then enter your pin or mobile phone number,
  • now you have logged in, select transfer,
  • input the beneficiary account number, phone number,
  • input the amount,
  • then confirm by submitting your request.


Please note that some ATM platform or processes might differ from the above explanation. But certainly the same information is needed.

With this whole information, you now understand how to Transfer Money from Keystone Bank to other Banks.

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