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How to Use MTN N100 Browse Unlimited on PC in One-Week

I believe some group of people must have seen the title of this article and will be asking now if its possible to use MTN N100 Browse Unlimited on PC. This information is not new.  But to be sincere  with you, the MTN N100 and N1000 Unlimited for PC is not free cos they are charging you for it and the money you load will be deducted.

Here am going to show you the steps on how to Use MTN N100 Browse Unlimited on PC in One-Week, one-day and one-Month.

All you need to do now is follow the instruction below

Requirements for MTN Unlimited Browsing

You need the following;

  1. MTN Sim Card
  2. Your MTN Recharge Card – But should be MTN recharge card of the amount you want to subscribe with.
  3. Your Mobile Phone to load the card and the apply the activation code listed below
  4. Your Modem and Computer
  5. And the SSS (Simple Server service) set-up – This includes the following;
  • Read Me
  • SimpleServer (Application)
  • SimpleServer (Configuration settings)

The listed three stuff will be sent to your email address (if you need it). It has been packaged in a ZipFile format, so all you have to do is extract them and you are good to go.

How to Use MTN N100 Browse Unlimited on PC For One-Day

  1. Put your sim inside a phone,
  2. Load the #100 mtn recharge card
  3. Send a short message, like this; BBMIDID to 131
  4. You will recevice a message notifying you that you successfully subscribe this.
  5. Now remove the sim card and intact into your mordem and then connect it
  6. then lunch the simple server (application)

How to Use MTN N1000 Browse Unlimited on PC For One-Month

  1.  Also put the sim in a phone and dial *216*9#
  2. You will receive a confirmation message

How to configure your browser for mtn free unlimited browsing;

For Mozilla Firefox settings for free browsing
  • Lunch your browser
  • click to open the menu
  • click “options
  • Click “Advanced” – “Network”- “Settings”
  • Choose the “Manual Proxy Configuration Box”

set the following under it;

HTTP Proxy:    Port: 8080

Check the box for “Use this proxy server for all protocols”

  • Finally click the “OK” button
  • Now you can start browsing with your Mozilla using the MTN SIM, and the Simple Server (application)
For Torch Browser settings for free browsing
  • Lunch the browser and locate the “menu” – “Settings
  • Click the “show advance settings” – “Change proxy settings
  • Now you are going to do the same configuration in “settings” option and “LAN setting” option too. See image below;google chrome free browsing configurationgoogle chrome free browsing configuration













I believe you can see how it was configured. Once you do this configuration in Torch, it automatically take effect in Google Chrome browser.

How to Get the Simple Server application:
  • We have packaged it in a zip format. So if you are interested use the comment box below to indicate but note you have to make a payment of N1,000 only.

Please Note that this process does not work on phones because of the SSS you need to put in your computer. Also note that you do not need any installation.


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