How to Use Whatsapp without connecting Phone, No Emulators

Without considering the security-wise of having Whatsapp connected to a phone to enable more connections to other devices, it has been an inconvenience. But there has been a beta testing level to charge the ideology.

One of the core difference between Whatsapp and other top instant messaging social platforms (like Signal, Telegram, and more) ha been the ability to log in on several platforms and devices indpendently.

But now, it is possible to use Whatsapp without connecting Phone or any phone emulator. Phone emulators has its down-side using it on a low grade computers. But the story is gradually changing.

How the New Whatsapp works without any Phone connection

Meta (Facebook) has made it known that the feature is on beta level, thus, the feature is called “Multi-device beta”.

It allows at most FOUR connections (at the same time) without havig the originnated account active or connected.

The downside of the New Whatsapp Multi-device beta

  1. Aside only connecting upto FOUR different platform (could be whatsapp web, mobile or desktop app), the whatsapp Multi-device beta does not allow the online calling functionality. So make Whatsapp calls you have to use the main app.
  2. It takes a little bit time to download any previous conversations outside the “Multi-device beta” feature.
  3. It doesn’t allow users PIN their top three favorit chat contacts.

Using Whatsapp without any Phone Connections

The proceedure for extending connections on other devices remains the same as explained on this page. But the only change is that you’ll see “Multi-device beta” option. Please kindly update your whatsapp to the latest version if you don’t see the option.

  1. Launch your Whatsapp on your mobile phone,
  2. Click on the THREE-dots (also known as the menu),
  3. Tap on the “Link devices”,
  4. Tap on the “Multi-device beta” option,
  5. You can read through the agreement page and tap on “Agree”,
  6. Now you’re ready to connect and access your whatsapp account,
  7. Already, ensure that the Whatsapp application or website which you want to extend/connect to is open and ready to accept connection.
  8. Then scan the QR code, by ensuring that the code is placed directly on the device you’re connecting to — to scan and connect,
  9. Once it is successfully completed, wait a little while for the extended connection to download your account data (conversations).

At this point, you can switch off your phone or disconnect the network on the phone, yet, your whatsapp will function perfectly. Even without the mobile emulator.

Please note that to connect through the whatsapp web simply visit and click on “whatsapp web” tab or download the Whatsapp app for compluter here.

Try it out and let’s hear from you through the connect box below.

Also, do good by sharing this page to go viral because many Whatsapp users across the world are seeking for reliable means of connecting their whatsapp account without emulator app or the original phone being connected.

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