How To Verify Google AdSense WITHOUT A PIN

One common challenge most webmasters and YouTubers face is verifying Google AdSense addresses with the PIN Google usually mails out to addresses.

The fact is; at times the PIN arrives late or may even not arrive at your address. Most people who have found themself in the position have given up already, not knowing the possible measure to verify Google AdSense without a PIN.

Your AdSense may have stopped the display of ads on your blog (website) and on your YouTube pages due to this, well all hope should still be lost. This method will help you get back on track again.

Please note that to Verify Google AdSense WITHOUT A PIN is NEVER a TRICK. This is legit and approved/designed or provided by Google because they foresaw such issues happening.

Why is Google Sending the Verification PIN?

One main reason Google adopt this mode of verification is for users proof their registered addresses are real (not fake). When you provide the wrong address and personal Identity, the Google Pin won’t get to you, since it is supposed to get to your hand.

So your address and you should be known and located to receive the mail. That proves to Google that you’ve provides real data of you.

Another reason could be to avoid the sales or transfer of accounts from one person to another. So you don’t use a different identity of a person to apply for the AdSense program, since the mailer will only be delivered to the person’s address or verified by that person.

When Are You Due to Verify Google AdSense Without A PIN?

Be it YouTube AdSense or AdSense for blog content – Google provides 4 chances to request/reapply for the PIN to be mailed to your address. After which you’re qualified to use the steps below to verify Google AdSense without a PIN.

Another thing to also note is that it takes 3 weeks to reapply for the re-mailing of the PIN. You may be surprised to see the reapply button – Yes, but it won’t work, until after 3weeks from your previous application.

How to Verify Google AdSense WITHOUT A PIN

Ensure to have waited for at least 3 to 4 weeks before taking this step. However, sometimes the delay comes from your country’s mailing system. They may be slow in delivering your letter.

It could also happen at times when all attempted reapplication PINs (letters) arrive, well, the Pin remains the same on each letter.

The steps below will help you Verify your address without the Google AdSense PIN.

To do this;

  • But ensure you have your means of Identification, such as; a Drivers license, Passport, National ID card, and some national IDs of your country that can also be accepted.
  • Your name aligns with the name on your Google AdSense account. Go to your account settings to confirm that.
  • Get a digital copy of that ID card or Other documents Google may request (if your AdSense account is a business account) ready for upload.
  1. Login to your Google AdSense account –
  2. Click on the “Take Action” button where you see a notification that your payment is on hold because you have not verified your address.
  3. Then at the top page of your account, click on the “Learn More” button, which should take you to Google’s blog page, specifically on the topic of PIN delivery and Verification. That is the reason you should login and go to the PIN verification page first.
    – Take your time to read through the blog, it is a short-written blog. Then at the bottom of the blog, under “Having problems with your PIN?”
    – You should see the link “Pin troubleshooter” to click on.
  4. It takes you to a page to confirm your email address. Select Yes to continue.
  5. The next question should be if you have received your physical PIN. Select the No to continue.
  6. Then Google will confirm if you have already wasted the 4 chances of PIN reapplication, and then a link to open a “Contact Form” will be provided. Click on the link to open the form.
  7. Fill in the information required;
    – your name just the way it is on your AdSense acct and any of the listed IDs you will be providing for the verification.
    – your AdSense publisher ID. You can see this on the URL of your AdSense account when you’re login in or go to Account >> Account Information – then you should see your publisher ID
    – then click on the choose files to upload your ID or any other document Google may be requested from you.
  8. Then go on to click on the “Submit” button

You will get a notification that your email has been received and reviewed.

You can go back to your Google AdSense account after a few minutes and refresh your account to see that your address is verified.

Can this Method be applied If Your AdSense Account is already Suspended?

Yes, it can. be applied to a suspended account as well. You haven’t committed any offence, the only challenge rather is your not being able to verify your address with Google. But the steps above override that.

In Conclusion

Make sure you have used up the 4 times PIN reapplication chances. And also make sure the name on your ID card is the same (arranged) on your Google AdSense account.

You can as well wait for a little longer if the PIN will arrive, but do not wait to the point your account will be suspended, that’s why the perfect time of applying for the overriding is after the 4 times chance is used up.

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