ICAN Registration Form and Application Guideline

ICAN meaning Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria is the professional body of all accountants in Nigeria. There are two of these professional bodies: ICAN & the Association of National Accountants of Nigeria (ANAN). The relationship between the two organizations has been tense. To become a registered member of ICAN isn’t an easy process. After procuring the form and registering, you will be subjected to a professional exam which you must pass to become a member. This is why we have brought guide on how to get the ICAN Registration Form.

Having purchased the ICAN Registration Form, the registration process is a bit cumbersome. But, we have detailed all you need to do in this article so you are not confused.

ICAN Registration Form – ICAN Registration Guideline

To obtain the ICAN registration form and carry out the registration, here is what you must know.


  1. Obtain pin voucher from any commercial bank with N7,000 on paydirect platform (bank charges exclusive)
  2. Follow the instruction on the pin voucher and log on to icanonline-ngr.com/paydirect
  3. Use the PIN & S/NO generated to complete the application online.
  4. Scan your coloured passport photograph on the form.
  5. On completion of the form, double click to submit the application online.
  6. Print out a copy of the application form and sign together with your referee.
  7. Submit your completed hard copy form with the following documents:
    1. Original copy of the pin voucher
    2. A passport photograph
    3. A self-addressed envelope with postage stamp affixed on it.
    4. Original copy of the bank teller.
    5. Certified copies of academic/ICAN recognized professional certificate & birth certificate/sworn affidavit
    6. In lieu of certificate, transcripts or NYSC discharge certificate could be used with statement of result (B.SC/HND)
    7. In case of AATWA, you are require to provide your certificate or ATS III result with evidence of payment for Induction.
    8. Marriage certificate & newspaper advert is required for married women

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Approved Qualifications For Registration As a Professional Student

In order to register as a student with the Institute, an applicant must hold a qualification not below University degree or its equivalent. The Council has accepted the following qualifications for the purpose of entry requirements:

  1. The degree of any University or Higher National Diploma of any Polytechnic
    accredited by the Council.
  2. Any other qualification for the time being approved by the Council.

Approved meanwhile are:

  1. The final examination of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries andAdministrators
  2. The final examination of the former Corporation of Secretaries.
  3. The final examination of the Association of International Accountants
  4. The final examination of the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria
  5. The final examination of the Chartered Institute of Stockbrokers
  6. The final examination of the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria
  7. The final examination of the Association of Accounting Technicians,
  8. The final examination of the Association of National Accountants of
    Nigeria (ANAN)
  9. Executive Management Accountancy (Federal Treasury Training
    School, Stage III)
  10. The final examination of Accounting Technicians Scheme, West Africa

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How To Apply

  1. Pay #7,000 (Professional examination registration fee) on Paydirect at any commercial bank in Nigeria. This doesn’t include bank charges.
  2. Proceed with registration at the website indicated on the Paydirect receipt gotten from the bank.
  3. Scan a coloured passport of yourself on the form.
  4. Print out a copy of the completed application form. Then append your signature.
  5. The next step is to get a Chartered account as your referee/sponsor. Provide his/her membership number, name and phone number.
  6. Take the printed copy of completed application form and the photocopy of your sponsor’s credentials for certification.
  7. Students using AAT result should pay #23,500 being the cost of induction/conference and attach photocopy of the receipt on the form.
  8. Furthermore, attach the following documents.
    1. Original copy of the Pin voucher.
    2. Two copies of certified passport photograph.
    3. Original copies of paydirect receipt.


How To Apply As a Student & Requirements

The requirements for applying a student includes the following:

  1. Five (5) credit passes including English Language and Mathematics in the West African School Certificate Examination, General Certificate of Education or Senior Secondary Certificate Examination in not more than two sittings.
  2. Ordinary National Diploma of any Polytechnic recognized by the Council of the Institute.
  3. National Certificate of Education (NCE) from any College of Education.
  4. Any other relevant qualification approved by the Institute.

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How To Apply

  1. Obtain a voucher from Zenith/Fidelity bank with #6,000
  2. Use the details on the Pin Voucher to log-on ICAN website.
  3. Click on ATS students’ registration and fill your data on the form.
  4. Obtain a coloured passport photograph of yourself. Scan the passport on the form.
  5. Double click on the “submit” button to submit the application online.
  6. Then, print out a copy of the application form.
  7. Sign your signature on the application form.
  8. Get a Chartered accountant/AAT member as your referee/Sponsor. Supply the person’s full details: membership number, name and phone number on the form.
  9. Take the printed copy of the application form and the photocopy of the credentials to your referee for certification/endorsement.
  10. The following documents should be attached:
    1. Photocopy of WAEC/NECO or Computer printout/scratch Pin voucher where you are using statement of result, OND, NCE & others.
    2. Original copy of the pin voucher
    3. Two copies of certified passport photographs
    4. Three self-addressed envelopes with #50 stamp affixed on each of them.
    5. Photocopy of your birth certificate or sworn affidavit
    6. Original copy of the bank teller.
  11. Submit print your copy with attachment to Students’ Education & Training Department at our secretariat, 82, Murtala Mohammed Way (opposite Denton Police Station) Ebute Meta Lagos. Change of name will not be entertained after registration.

So, this is all you need to know about the ICAN Registration Form and the registration guidelines and requirements. If you have questions and contributions, kindly use the comment box.

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