Identify Best Hotels in Town

One factor that Identify Best Hotels in Town is their good (that is cheap and affordable) price but high quality service and a conveniently situated hotel. Hotel targets several markets and might be classified per the markets they plan to attract their guests. Common form of markets embody business, airport, suites, residential, resort , timeshare, casino , convention and conference hotels .

Categories of Hotel Services

  • World category service

These are referred to as luxury or can also b regarded as  5 star hotels , they aim prime business executives, diversion celebrities , high- ranking political figures, and loaded business as their primary markets . they supply upmarket restaurants and lounges , Valet, caretaker services and conjointly non-public feeding facilities .

  • Mid-Range Service

Hotels providing mid-range or otherwise three to four star hotels service charm the biggest section of the motion public . this sort of hotels doesn’t give elaborate service and have a adequate staffing . They conjointly give clad service , food and nutrient area service, in area entertainment’s and conjointly Wi-Fi etc.

  • Budget / restricted Service

These hotels give clean , snug , safe , cheap rooms and meet the essential things their  guests will want.


Hotels Classification and Purposes

Hotels area unit classified per the edifice size, location, target markets, levels of service , facilities provided, range of rooms , possession and affiliation etc.

  • Business Hotels

These edifices area unit the biggest cluster of hotel varieties and that they primarily cater to business travellers and typically situated in downtown or business districts . though Business hotels primarily serves business travellers , several tour teams, individual tourists and tiny conference teams realize these hotels enticing. Guest amenities at business hotels could embody complimentary newspapers, morning occasional, free native phone calls , Break quick etc.

  • Flying field Hotels

These form of hotels usually target business business, airline passengers with nightlong travel layovers or off flights and airline crews or workers. Some edifices would possibly provide free transport between hotel and flying field . Some Ariport hotels additionally charges the guest by hour rather than traditional daily night charges.

  • Suite Hotels

This is another variety of hotels, they are the latest trend and the wildest growing segments in the hotel business. Such hotels have a lounge and a separate room. Professionals like accountants, lawyers, business men and executives notice suite hotels notably engaging as they’ll work and conjointly entertain in a neighborhood besides the room.

  • Extended keep Hotels

Extended keep hotels is somewhat just like the suite hotels , however typically offers room amenities within the area . These reasonably edifices area unit for long stayers World Health Organization needs to remain quite per week and doesn’t need to pay on hotel facilities.

  • Maintained Housings

Maintained Apartment / Residential hotels offer long-run or permanent accommodation for Guest. typically guest makes a lease agreement with the edifice for minimum of 1 month up to a year. Rooms usually embrace lounge , bedroom, kitchen , personal balcony , laundry machines , room utensils etc. in contrast to traditional hotels maintained housing solely offer weekly one work service.

  • Casino Hotels

Hotels with gambling facilities area unit referred to as Casino Hotels .Although the food and drink operations in casino is lush their functions is secondary to and corroboratory of casino operations.

  • Conference and Convention Centres

These style of hotels target meeting and conferences and long accommodation for meeting attendees. They additionally give video confrencing facility, audiovisual equipments, business services , versatile seating arrangements , flipchart etc. These hotels largely situated outside the metropolitan areas and have facilities like golf , swimming pools , court game courts , fitness centres , spas etc.

  • Resort Hotels

Resort hotels area unit typically situated within the mountains, on Associate in Nursing island , or in another exotic locations faraway from city’s . These hotels have recreational facilities , scenery , golf , tennis , sailing , athletics and swimming . Resort hotels give pleasant and unforgettable guest experiences that encourage guest to repeat to the resort.

List of Top World’s Best Hotels in Town


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