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How to identify Refurbished Mobile Phone, PC and Auto-Mobile

M0st of you may be among those who wonder why the so-called new Mobile Phone, PC and Auto-Mobile doesn’t last for long before it start developing problem.  There are scenario whereby no matter how careful you are in handling some item they still develop problem. Well this is as a result of “Refurbished” kind of stuffs.

What is A Refurbished Item?

Refurbished are simply distribution of products that have been previously returned to the manufacturer or vendor for various reasons (which could be as a result of some factory defect of item). Refurbished products are normally tested for functionality and defects before they are sold. Now, when returned back to manufacturer, it is repaired and resold again to end users.

Some people still buy Refurbished Mobile Phone, PC and Auto-Mobile and it still works for them. But the truth behind this is that it will not last for long for you to dump it and go for new or better one instead.

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From our research on this matter, we came to a conclusion that that some deliberately go for Refurbished Mobile Phone, Refurbished PC, Refurbished Auto-Mobile and even other Refurbished home use items, reason being that its more cheaper to buy when compare to price of the new-produced item. SO some buy this because its affordable for them.

While some that already are using Refurbished items bought them without knowing that its a Refurbished stuff they are buying. That is why this page is created for every one to understand better ” How to identify Refurbished Mobile Phone, PC and Auto-Mobile”.

Please Not that Refurbished items are not regarded to be fake, rather its damaged item and repaired by Manufacturer for reselling items.

How to identify Refurbished Mobile Phone, PC and Auto-Mobile

  • Looking More Flashy

You see a new item looking flashy in the eyes and you think its a first-handed items. Well sometime new stuffs could also be flashy but not for every item.

  • Serial Number of Item Displaying Separate Figures

We understood that all electronics and electricals do have a serial number, registration number. But how you should know that this item is a Refurbished is when you open the electronics or electrical you find out that the numbers has different serial number on the place its suppose to show (repeat) the previous serial number. Like the Mobile Phone,

For example Mobile Phone: You see the MIMI Number becomes different from the MIMI display on phone pack or panel place. So it applicable with refurbished cars and car-parts.

  • Not Packed Well As Expected from The Manufacturer (Some Times)

This is one of the reason some manufacturing company will inform users that they shouldn’t pay for such item in question if the seal is already open. Nowadays, you have to check and make sure that any item you buy are opened by your directives (before or after purchase).

  • Accessories Not Complete (Some Times)

This is a common problem. But with the anxiety in us, we don’t mind checking if the accessories of the item we are buying is complete inside. Every electronics or electrical you buy there is always a directive (Menu) how to use it, list of accessories you are expected to see in side the pack and cautions using the item in question.

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I believe with this major point listed above (not limited to this) you should be able by your self how to identify Refurbished Mobile Phone, PC and Auto-Mobile or other electronics and electrical you want to buy or already bought.

What You should Know About Refurbished:

  • Cheaper in price
  • Certified by manufacturer
  • May not last longer while using
  • Some Refurbished are not from the real manufacturer


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