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Imgur Registration Sign Up

Imgur ( is an online image sharing website. The service is usually free. But the new users are required only to access the Imgur Registration Sign Up page to create new account before they can start enjoying the full features of Imgur.

Am going to share to all viewer here how to create Imgur account free and fast. But before then, I think we need to review more about Imgur (Imgur Registration Sign Up , Imgur Sign In and how to share image with Imgur)

How to Create Account – Imgur Registration Sign Up Guidelines

Like I said before that for you to start enjoying Imgur features you will only need to sign up for free account, which I shall be showing you here.

  1. with either your mobile phone or computer, visit:
  2. Click create account. Which is located at the top left of the page
  3. Fill the box with your valid details and
  4. submite
  5. Now your account has just been created. You now have full access to share your images for free.

Please note remember to visit your email address to verify your account too.

How to Sign In Imgur Account using mobile/PC

  1. Still visit the
  2. and click sign in
  3. enter your username and password’

How to Download App for Mobile:

If you are using Tablet or any kind of Android Phone. All you should do is to;

  1. visit the Google Play page
  2. At the top, use the search box and type Imgur
  3. Then start downloading

How to share Images:

From your profile, click upload image. Then locate the image you want to share and them start sharing to skype, facebook, twitter, etc…

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