Steps to Start Recharge Card Printing Business in 2016

Recharge Card Printing Business is cool and easy to start only if you have the right direction. And that is why I have devoted my time to show you Complete Steps to Start Recharge Card Printing Business in 2016.

Recharge Card Printing Business In Nigeria

If you want to start the business you will have to get the list of Dealers (which I do offer reliable ones). Now let assume you have gotten the list of reliable dealers and you own a computer and printer.

Please Note: The list of Dealers we send also includes office address, Phone numbers, Price details and other information that will be important to you.
So when you get the list, you contact them, you are very free t


o ask any question that will be of benefit to your business. Then after that you make your choice. But to reduce stress we have recommend ONE among the list of dealers, so you can also work with them too.

During and after your discussion you will be ask to come down to the office, of which you are suppose to go there with your computer. So you need to schedule a perfect time for yourself to go to the dealers office.

Please do not go there on Saturdays or Sundays

All You Need To Know About How To Start Recharge Card Printing Business in 2016

Why are you going to the Dealer’s office?

This is not an online business whereby you do not see the person you are doing business with – just like me now (you do not need to see me but we do business here and now if only you are interested – by paying to me to get the list of dealers in Nigeria). You will have to visit the office of the Dealer’s Office  you want to work with because;

  1. You will be creating a business name (its free) – This business will be use to customize the recharge card printing software which will be installed in your computer. With this being installed, as you go back to your office/home when you start printing your card, your business appears on it. Depending on the design you choose for it.
  2. The Company (Dealer) will have a record of your business name so that they will know you as one of their customer
  3. Most importantly you are going to the office to learn how the software works and how to use it. Special Hand-Book will be given to you too.

Please NOTE that you are not going to the Dealers Office for any Seminal. That is why You will be attended to in a perfected way you will like.

Once all this is done, You can now start purchasing your PINS and printing it to supply to your outlets, supper-markets, phone call people, etc.

Now you have to move to get this dealers for only N4,000 ONLY.

If you are interested make your deposit to any of this Account listed below:

Bank  : GTBank Plc
Account Name : Nwabuzor Chukwuemeka
Account Number : 0149651074


Bank : First Bank Plc
Account Name : Nwabuzor Chukwuemeka
Account Number : 3066151282

Pay N4,000 Only

After you have successfully made the payment, now text by SMS the following to 08032934651:

  • Full Name
  • Email address
  • Bank you paid
  • and Teller number

Without wasting more of your time, you will get the list of dealers in your email address (which you send to 08032934651) after 2hours you made your payment.


Common Questions People Ask Me Before Making Payment

There are regular question people do ask me and I will be sharing it here to you all – just in case you also have the same question in mind. But still feel free to call and ask your own question too.

  • Is This Real?

Yes – Its real! and that is the most reason every person wants to enter into the business. One good thing about this business is that no mater how competitive it becomes every day, the new ones also make their own money. Meaning that the level of competition in the business has not reached to complaining saying there is no more gain or chances to make making my own money.

Now Check out number of people in your street alone, or local government, or state or the country in general! You will see that the use of mobile phone and call making keeps on increasing on daily bases.

  • How Do I Trust You?

I understand the level of fraud in Nigeria most especially Online. I don’t blame any one for that! But there is one thing I do tell people, that;

Life is risk and who ever fail to take a risk is already taking a risk to fail.

I am not saying you should go ahead to start putting your money into any business you see.  There is no perfect word to use now to convince any one to trust me. Lets take for example;  I Guy Sees A Lady, and Tells Her “I LOVE YOU”. and later the relationship got broken. What other word would you rather use to convince that lady again, if if was you????

So there is the reason I tell people that I do not have a better word to convince any one. If your mind tells you to trust me then do so, but if your mind tells you not to then do not make any payment, expect you are good in risking things.

Sincerely speaking I do not fraud people. I most do has I have said. My list of Dealers and reliable and functioning and always up-to-date to make your small business a bigger one tomorrow.

  • How Profitable is Recharge Card Printing Business?

There is a saying that; there is always a gain in what people rush into to get. There is profit in the business. The profit method depend on you. that is; the number of your customers, and your level of turn-over rate.

How Much Does Your Dealer Sell?

The dealers I have sell the best price. For example you get;

MTN N100 —–> N92 – N94, N200—–> N192-N194, N400 ——> N390 – N94

For GLO, Airtel and Etisalat

N100 —–> N89 – N92, N200—–> N189-N193,

How Many Dealers do You Have?

There are so many dealers out there, and in order for me not to confuse you and for you not to end up paying for this dealers list and you will found out that most of them are not good to do business with – I have just few dealers that I work with. And as a matter of fact I am recommending Just ONE, right inside my list.

Is Your Dealers Found in My State?

Yes – They have office branch all around the state in Nigeria. Once you contact them and tell them your state they will tell you the closest office to you.


For more information or you want to clarify some doubt feel free to call the same phone number (08032934651) or Email me through;

Also use the comment box below to express your feelings towards this topic “Steps to Start Recharge Card Printing Business in 2016“.

Good Luck.


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    I am a risk taker,I believe you.Quiters never Excel,I am going to pay by tomorrow.i have been trying to get this contact before now.

    1. onlinedailys

      After making the payment, remember sending (via SMS) your name and email address to 08032934651 – to receive the package you paid for, PLUS 2 FREE eBOOKs from me on How to run your Business as a beginner and as a Pro. No more going for Seminals! The secret is reviewed already.

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