Increase Your Domain Authority

5 Simple Ways To Increase Your Domain Authority

Every blogger or anyone who owns a website must already understand the importance of domain authority. Whatever level you think you are in currently, there must be someone whose blog ranks higher than yours in the Google Search Engine. With these simple ways to increase your domain authority, you will be introduced to what will enhance your SEO ranking.

In simple terms, if your domain ranking and authority is low, it will reflect on the ability of your blog to rank on search engines. Google considers your domain authority as part of the factors it uses to rank blogs and websites in the search engine.

The importance of having a good domain authority cannot be overemphasized. This is why I want to show you the simple tips and tricks (they aren’t tricks though) you can use to boost your domain authority and ranking.

How To Increase Your Domain Authority

To ensure your domain ranking and score is boosted, here are the practical strategies to adopt easily.

1. Consider Your Domain Name

It is highly advisable to choose domain names that relate to your niche because it will help your domain name to be boosted. If you look at our domain, you will see the keyword “Online” and “dailys”. This should give you a tip that this blog focuses on giving you online news as they happen daily. So, ensure your domain name contains a keyword that relates to your niche. Furthermore, make sure they can easily be remembered and spelt.

If you already have a domain name, all hope is not lost. The other tips coming below is as helpful as this as well.

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2. Invest In Guest Posting

One of the best ways to further increase your domain authority is to guest post. Usually, when you guest post on a site with a good ranking, you will link back to your blog thereby increasing its value on the search engine. Guest blogging will help you spread your name and domain on the internet thereby boosting your blogs domain ranking. Almost all known blogs have done guest blogging as a strategy.

3. Optimize All Posts

Another great way to boost your domain ranking is by ensuring that you optimize your blog content. Listen, if you write, you must write for your readers and also write for the search engine. This is because there are certain keys and factors that the search engine looks for to ensure your blog post is ranked high. Some of the things to optimize include your title and meta tags, image tags, content etc. Learn the best keyword to use that you can rank for. Include different variations of the keyword you use in the content you want to share.

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4. Create Quality Content

One major factor that helps boost your domain ranking and authority is backlinks. However, backlinks are not easy to come by. If you want people to link to and share your content, you must create a SHARING-WORTHY CONTENT. By this, I simply mean that you should ensure that your content is well-researched and is filled with value. People really love to share content they find valuable. If they find yours so, they will link back to it without a doubt.

5. Use Internal Links

Most bloggers focus on getting external links that they forget the vital importance of internal linking. Internal lining simply means to link to old content in your blogs. There are many factors that would enhance your SEO. Internal linking is one of them. You can read this top SEO for blogging tips. See what we did here? Find out old content in your blog that will interest readers in the current blog you are writing. This ensures that they remain in your site and thus boosting your domain authority.


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