Indigenous People of Biafra protested in 3 states yesterday

 Indigenous People of Biafra protested in 3 states yesterday
Screenshot from vanguard newspaper – Indigenous People of Biafra protested in 3 states yesterday

It was a shocking attement to see the Indigenous People of Biafra protesting in Rivers state, Delta state and Anambra states, demanding for unconditional release of their leader and presenter, Mr. Nnamdi Kanu.

A popular Nigeria Newspaper Vanguard also had stated that the protesters in Rivers State, who  stormed Port Harcourt,  were split into seven groups appeared peaceful, although, chanting war songs  also called for the creation of the sovereign state of Biafra.


The agitators, mainly business men and women of Igbo extraction, said it was an act of impunity for the federal government to apprehend a man who is championing the cause of his people.

The IPOB supporters claimed that they were not part of the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB, adding that the IPOB is fighting a true cause for the emancipation of the Biafrans.

Here are comments from different  Indigenous People of Biafra invovled in the protest yesterday;

“Now our director has been held for days and we want him out and we want freedom in Biafra land.

 Indigenous People of Biafra protested in 3 states yesterday
Indigenous People of Biafra protested in 3 states yesterday

Indigenous People of Biafra protested in 3 states yesterday 3

“I advise the country to allow Biafrans go because the marriage has lasted for 101 years and there was no  understanding. The battle lasted for 40 years and we have won three times. All we want  now is freedom because we are tired of the marriage. Let Nigerians be Nigerians and Biafrans  be Biafrans.”


“We want our freedom. That is why we are here. We are not comfortable with the Nigerian government, the intimidation, killing and all that; that is why we want our freedom. We feel very bad about his detention and it is affecting each and every one of us.

“The federal government should release our Director, Dr. Nnamdi Kanu and we also want our freedom. As a nation that is due for freedom, we want to go; we are tired; the suffering is too much; it is not a crime to want our freedom; we want to go.”

On her part, Mrs. Judith Ihebiehi said: “This man is our voice, he is our mentor. We have been in darkness all this while, so this man has been speaking for us. The Nigerian government has no right to detain him; he has done nothing.


Protesters also stormed the entrance of Delta State Government House, Asaba condemning the arrest and detention of the Director of Radio Biafra, Mr. Nnamdi Kanu.


He said: “We are only agitators who obey the laws of the land. This is democracy and there is freedom of speech and freedom of movement.

“Why would anybody detain our leader and in the process be demanding bail fee of N2 million. We have not come to fight anybody because we are peace makers”


“Nnamdi Kanu was not suspended by Ralph Uwazuruike or MASSOB as claimed. Rather, he left MASSOB in 2009 when Biafra groups in Diaspora who jointly assisted and supported Ralph Uwazuruike in the quest for Biafra, found out that all the monetary dues committed to the struggle from abroad and at home for execution of Biafra project were not judiciously used.”


Article source: Vanguard Newspaper

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