Iraqi News – 8 killed in Baghdad bombing during amnesty declaration for tribes

Iraqi News – During amnesty declaration  for tribes on Wednesday,  It was confirmed by the police and medical officials that not less than  eight people were killed and 17 were injured when an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) detonated followed by a suicide bomber’s explosion.

The attacks targeted people leaving al-Mustafa Shiite mosque after night-time prayers in al-Furat neighborhood in western Baghdad, according to the sources

More than 16 suspects have been arrested by security police, sources ONLINE DAILYS.

Al-Furat, a predominantly Shiite neighborhood, is just two miles from Baghdad International Airport.

During a televised address earlier Wednesday Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki declared an amnesty for all Sunni tribesmen who fought against the government, with the exception of those involved in the killing of Iraqi forces.

Al-Maliki also said he hoped that members of Iraq’s parliament would be able to choose a president and prime minister in their next session.

After much anticipation over how it would address the country’s turmoil, Iraq’s new parliament on Tuesday postponed its first session until next week, citing a lack of a quorum.
Under Iraq’s constitution, the parliament has 75 days from when it convenes to pick a prime minister. Lawmakers are under pressure to move faster, but the political body has had trouble moving swiftly in the past. The last time parliament met to pick a prime minister, it took nearly 10 months.

The political uncertainty comes as Iraqi forces battle Sunni extremist militants from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS.

Iraqi News – 8 killed in Baghdad bombing during amnesty declaration  for tribes

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