Jamaica News – Grandmother confesses to killing baby grandson

Grandmother Kill baby grandson with Poison

Jamaica News – A grandmother currently is facing criminal charges after she had confessed on Thursday that she had intentionally fed her baby grandson a dangerous substance (Poison)  that killed him.

Police said 11-month-old Akash Jiboth died on May 4, while he was in the care of his grandmother.

The grandmother, whose name has not been disclosed, claimed at first that the substance she gave him was a homemade medicine known as “fopper” that was supposed to cure a chronic cough he had. She said it was an extract of tobacco and turpentine and insisted it was not meant to kill.

But police said on Thursday that she confessed that she intentionally fed the baby the poisonous substance. Her reasons remain unclear.

Police say she was taken into custody while the investigation continues.

Grandmother Kill baby grandson with Poison

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