To Create JAMB 2019 Profile

Jamb 2017/18 Pre-registration: How To Create JAMB Profile

The registration for the 2017/2018 Jamb has not started. However, JAMB is putting up measures that would ensure a seamless registration when the registration commences in earnest. There have been some major adjustments and changes introduced so far. Part of these changes is the need for the creation of personal profiles for prospective jamb candidates. So, let us show you how to create jamb profile.

How To Create JAMB ProfileThe information concerning how to create Jamb profile was realeased through the Jamb’s twitter handle. It reads that There will be no sales of scratch cards for the registration. Mode of payment will be communicated to you soon. Cyber cafés will not be allowed to render services on behalf of JAMB. So please visit ONLY JAMB accredited Centres. JAMB will provide simplified steps to ease registration to the public soon. This promises to be a seamless exercise. Candidates should please request to have a personal profile created for you. DO NOT allow the centres to use their profiles for you…”

How To Create JAMB Profile

To create your own personal Jamb profile, here are the steps to follow.

  1. Validate your email address on the JAMB portal. To do so, visit:
  2. Supply your email address. (Please use a functional email address. Note down the address and your password as important updates shall be delivered through the email you provided).
  3. Then select a question and type a secret answer in the last 2 spaces. The secret question and answer will be required if you forget your password to your profile on the JAMB portal, so ensure you always remember your selected question and the corresponding answer you typed.
  4. Then click “Verify Email”. A link will be sent to your email.
  5. Next, open your email and find an email sent from “”. The email should be titled “eMail Address Confirmation”.
  6. Open the email and click on the link sent.

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PLEASE NOTE: A unique code is also sent with the email. Make sure you secure this code carefully. You will be needing the code when you go register at a CBT Centre.

  1. Carefully submit every needed data on the form. Ensure the information is accurate.
  2. When done, click on “Sign Up”.
  3. You will receive a message “Your Account Creation Was Successful.”
  4. Finally, click on “Proceed to Login” to access your new profile.

The information on How to create Jamb profile is meant to help you prepare ahead of time. We shall guide you through any challenge you face while applying for this. Other related and relevant updates concerning jamb shall be communicated to you. Thank you.

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