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JAMB Re-Print Result Slip Fast | Learn How to Print Result Slip on Jamb.org.ng

Printing of JAMB Result Slip on Jamb.org.ng has tuned out becoming challenges to many candidates and yet still unavoidable when it comes to processing  admission. With an IMAGE illustration this page has covered full steps for “JAMB Re-Print Result Slip”, starting from logging in – to the point of printing. The tutorial on this page is beneficial to both candidates who are printing for the first and those reprinting.

Using this step below will guide you well. But make sure no to use


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Importance of JAMB Re-Print Result Slip

  • As a post utme applicants you need the JAMB result slip both for your post utme application process and during your screening text.
  • For Institutional admission verification. This is for all candidates who are newly admitted into their various choices of institutions, during the verification also known as “Admission Clearance” every newly admitted candidate will have to present his/her copy of the JAMB result slip.
  • Application for a scholarship. This is one of important criteria for applying for national, state and federal scholarship.
  • You may also need to Print the jamb Result Slip for the application of Direct Entry.


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Full Steps On How to Print Result Slip on Jamb.org.ng

Already you know too well that you should have an account to do this. Because any one trying to doing anything on JAMB official website will first and foremost create a JAMB profile account. So we assume you already have an account, so we start from there;

  1. The first thing to do is to “login” into your jamb profile account – (www.jamb.org.ng/efacility/login)
  2. On the JAMB Profile login portal – enter your email address (used for the creation of your account) and password.JAMB login page
  3. Then click on “Login”.
  4. Once the correct information is entered you will be lunched into your JAMB Profile account dashboard. (See image below for sample):
    Sample of JAMB Profile account dashboard

    “Sample of JAMB Profile account dashboard”

    You can click on the image to study it well, see where to log out from account once you are done, where to apply DE form, Print jamb slip, etc…

  5. You have TWO ways to access the official page for JAMB Re-Print Result Slip, which are (see image);

    JAMB Re-Print Result Slip logo

    “Sample: JAMB Re-Print Result Slip access page”

  6. To proceed on payment you need to click on “continue on payment”. But its also important to have a copy of the Transaction ID (which also has been sent to to your email address. jamb payment logo
  7. Clicking ” continue to payment” to give u other option of making payment either through remita or credit card or use the printed slip to bank and make payment.
  8. After making a successful payment the JAMB postal for printing original results (or Original Admission Letter) opens
  9. Then click to print.

Its important to print this in coloured

Good Luck.


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