JAMB Re-Print Slip for 2017/2018 UTME Exam

This year after the JAMB registration no candidates printed his/her jamb exam slip – so unusual compare with previous JAMB activities. Moreover, the official website also changed and applicants MUST now have a profile account before proceeding to online registration or what so ever candidates are willing to do, like JMAB profile edit, etc.

We realized that JAMB CBT exam is fast approaching and has been scheduled to start from 13th of May and end 20th of May 2017. That is the important reason every one should have gotten the JAMB Re-Print Slip for 2017/2018 UTME Exam before the exam date.  We have received so many calls from yesterday from fellow JAMB-Bites requesting for the official jamb reprinting website.

Well on this page you will learn how to Print your JAMB slip without wasting much time.

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Full Guide For JAMB Re-Print Slip 2017/2018

From the information we gathered – that The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has also made a schedule on how every JAMB-bites will get their printout. But you will have to get your through the email address used during the jamb online registration.

Now, not everyone registered together, as such not every one will get this message the same day (via email). It has been programmed that email from JAMB (noreply@jamb.gov.ng) to reprint slip will be sent according to submission of online form and how they will be writing the exam. See below what I mean:

JAMB Re-Print Slip  delivering date and time on email account:

The delivering of JAMB slip to email will starts from:

  • 8th of May  – and all those candidates who has received on this day will be writing their exams on the 13th May 2017.
  • 9th of May – another set of candidates will get mail to print their jamb slip on the 9th May and will be taking their exam on the 15th of May 2017.
  • Slip will be sent to email account on the 10th May – for those that will be sitting from exam on the 16th May 2017
  • Slip will be sent to email account on the 11th May  – and will be taking exam on the 17th May 2017.
  • Slip will be sent to email account on the 12th May – and this group will take exam on the 18th May 2017.
  • Slip will be sent to email account on the 13th May  –  and will sit for exam on the 19th May 2017.
  • Slip will be sent to email account on the 14th of May – will be taking their exam on the 20th May 2017.

So therefore, you are advice to frequently check your mail and beside that, you will see the official date for your exam (just in case its not the same with exam date above).

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How To Check Email Account To Print JAMB Slip

Now, make sure you are smart enough to know your email address, Username and Password, this will help you get your slip from email account and print. Use the steps below to check if your slip has been delivered to you by JAMB for slip printing:

  1. Visit your email Login page (there are so may email account services and we can’t identify which one you used – it could be Gmail account, Yahoomail account, Hotmail, Outlook, Yandex, AOL mail, etc)
  2. Click “Login”. But if already you are in the login page then
  3. Enter you email address and click next
  4. Enter your Password and click “Sign In”
  5. now at this point you will see a message from JAMB with email title like this: “”
  6. Click on the message title to see the full details of the messageYour Examination Slip is Attached to this mail. Note: This contains your assigned Examination Centre 2017 UTME Examination.

    Surname: Polite

    First Name: Kelechi

    Middle Name: Elias

    Registration Number: 757*****BB

    Kindly Ensure you get to the Examination Centre before time as lateness shall not be tolerated.

    Note that You will be marked absent if you DO NOT sit for the exam and will forfeit the RIGHT to sit for the Examination.

    Best Regards.
    JAMB Team

    Note: Don’t bother sending mail to this email address because it is a virtual address.

  7. now check your email “Attach File” there you will get your JAMB re-print slip for 2017/2018 UTME Exam. So click on it to download. So click on it to download. So depending the kind of email you are using: some email have their “Attach file” at the bottom, some at the top, some by the side of email acct, so depending.logo: JAMB Re-Print Slip
  8. Then you can now print it out after you have downloaded it.

Please note: It is very important to have at less TWO copy of that JAMB slip with you while going for the exam. Because you may be requested to submit a copy.

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 Here is The JAMB Slip sample

sample: JAMB Re-Print Slip sample

Sample of JAMB Slip for 2017/2018 UTME Exam

That is all!

Please note that the message will come from JAMB official email – noreply@jamb.gov.ng and any other email you may see is/are scam. Do not pay any money to any person for so-called “Upgrade result”. Please report to Police or nearest Median if you see such person or group of people – because they are all fraudsters (SCAM)!

If in case you have further question(s) kindly use the comment box below to express your self – as out Team are standing-by to assist you all.

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Good Luck.



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