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Jumia One App Download: Earn Money (CashBack) for Every amount Spent

Jumia is an online platform where you get almost everything you want, ranging from electronics, fashions, food stuffs, paying bills, booking flight, etc. It has a vast categoires and services

In the international shopping space, we know Amazon and AliExpress (Alibaba) as the top and most popular online shopping platform. But coming down to African “Jumia” is the king.

I’ve always always use other payment platform to pay bills, recharge phone, even used the other Jumia App for this transcation, I don’t get the kind of satisfatry service like I use to since I started using the Jumia One App.

You may also have had about it an app called “Jumia One App“. It is an App that has all you need when it comes to shopping online, paying bills and top up your recharges. Most importaly earn money as you send money, its called “CashBack”.

Benefits of Jumia One App

The bonuses you get using the App is amazing, that no one would prefer wasting money when we can get CASHBACK for our transactions. We have provided on this page free bonus code ( WELCOME20 ) to use to get your instant bonuses.

Get 4% Cashback Anytime You Recharge

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We rechare directly from our Banks, Go to network provides office to get our rechare cards, and year after year no reward for our litile peronage. But how about getting 4% back of every recharge card? Won’t it be nice than wasting money without any rewards to show from it.

Do you know that Banks still makes an extral cash from Network providers each time we recharge from our bank accounts, this is apart from other so-called charges they debit us for using same services they already benefited from.

You may want to ask; is it possible to get the 4% of every recharge? Oh YES, 100% possible. Just use the Jumia one App and let Jumia company worry about where and how they make their money back.

But let’s take for instance, the recharge card pins are directly authorized to them from the network providers so they give them commission. Now, Jumia not being a greed company had to share theirs with You. Hope you get the little gist?

Pay Bills Using The App With Absolutly ZERO Charge Fee

What about you download Jumia One App and pay your bills using it without any extral charges, instead you’ll only be debited for that bill.

This is also crezy, right? But that is the truth. On Jumia One App you won’t be charged for paying bills like; electricty bills, Paid TV subscriptions, name all the bills you pay – its done for free. No service charges.

Get Alert on Deal of the Day

Daily deals is what we enjoy as registered users. Prices of items are slashed by 50%, 10%, 5%, etc. depending the product or item. Also deals on servicers such as flight booking, hotel, restorants, etc.

By using the Jumia One App makes you be at alert and never to miss any deal.

PLUS – You Earn N500 CashBack by Inviting Friends

Screenshot Jumia one App cashback

I already said before that no one wants to lose money, it’s the other way round – making more money!

This is not a platform to think twice whether to use or not. It is a WIN WIN, PROFIT PROFIT to every user’s both new and already existing users.

Not only you (the referrer) benefits allone here, the person you as well introduced will gain 20% cashback bonus of his/her first transaction. Plus other cashback to keep earn as they continue using the platform.

But the condition to earning N500 is that the user you introduce MUST download Jumia One App APK, sign up and most importantly make a transaction.

How to Sign up on Jumia Mobile Application

You have the opportunity to either sign up with your email or use an already existing Google account to sign up.

  1. To Sign Up for Jumia account download Jumia One latest version here
  2. follow the instruction to complete the download and installation.
  3. Sign up using any of the methods best for you.
  4. confirm your account
  5. Login and make your first transaction to get your 20% cashback bonus now. It doesn’t matter how big or small your transaction could be.

Also refer others to gain same benefits.

How to Invite Friends and Families

I remembered my last DSTv subscription made did not come from my account, it was all the money (both from cashbacks’ and referrer) I got enough money to subscribe my DSTV. You can as well benefit the same, and you don’t even need a website to do this.

You also do not have to pitch and pitch to convince anyone, after all, who so ever that start using this app is doing him or herself good, after seeing the benefits.

Compare it to other online shopping platforms, or Bank services (apart from the fact we deposit and send money, Jumia don’t do all that).

We have helped you out on this, simply share this page and attach it with your invitation link. Now the person reads the page and understands why he should agree with you.

To invite someone to start using this platform so that you can make money from it – follow the steps below;

Screenshot Jumia one App 2
  • After downloading the app (here) and installing it,
  • Log in or sign up if you are a new user,
  • see the sticky bar (or call it menu bar) at the bottom of the page click on “Invite a Friend” you can decide to send it to friends on Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, SKYPE, or send it as an email.
  • Once the app is downloaded, then sign up, and make their first transaction (to enjoy 20% cashback on your first transaction when you enter the code: WELCOME20.) – you get your N500 credited to your Jumia account ) and your invited friend will as well get a 20% cashback of whopping bonus.

You see, that Jumia is really out to make every users small.

Remember that while making your first transaction when you enter the code: WELCOME20 to get your 20% cashback instantly.

It doesn’t matter whether your friend purchases goods worth N1m, N500,000 and so on – he or she is sure of getting a 20% cashback bonus instantly – by using the bonus code; WELCOME20

Share this page across any social media you can reach out to people easily so others can start earning while spending.

Also feel free to ask your question via the comment box below, we are standing-by to respond.

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