If you are in search of where to sell and make huge commissions without owing or creating a product of your own – JVZoo Affiliate Marketing platform is the answer.

JVZoo is an online digital affiliate networking company where affiliates login, select products of their choices to promote to their list, post on their blogs or/and promote on social network pages.

They (product owners/vendors) provide affiliate with thproduct information (including images and articles, videos, and other vital materils) to help affiliates promote their products sealessly. This is why JVZoo is one of the best and fastest growing affiliate network in the world.

But the core challenges over the years has been Payments. PayPal was the only trusthed option of payment, and we all know that not all countries are allowed to use PayPal services.

PLUS the ban of accounts by paypal when they noticed you have lots of cash in your account and so users have to go through verification process to retrieve their money. So many sad experience which we can’t start point here.

All of this issues became a challenge to many affiliates, many had to find affiliate networks that works well for them – making it looks as if since PayPal servers is not for all, also JVZoo is not for all either.

But that story has changed today!

The good news is that JVZoo is for all, I mean you can get your affiliate commissions paid directly into your Bank account. You don’t have to trick to open a paypal account anymore as JVZoo CEO by name “Laura Casselman” now partiner with virious payment options for you (affiliates).

This page covers both how to sign up for a new JVZoo account and setup the golbal payment option that will pay your affiliate commissions right into your local bank account.

How to Sign Up For A New JVZoo Affiliate

  • Visit the official website – www.jvzoo.com
  • Click on the “Sign Up” link. If you do not see it on the page, then click the “Login” then you should see the create an account below the login form.
  • First, your name ful name is needed, follow by your email address, and you create a strong password.
  • From the dorp-down menu select the country you are from. By doing that you are declaring that you are from the selected country/location.
  • Click on the Sign Up.
jvzoo affiliate account 1
  • The next step if login your email to verify your JVZoo affiliate marketing account you’ve created.
  • You can either click the link named “Finish your registration” or as instructed – to copy the link and paste into your browser.
jvzoo affiliate account 1
  • On clicking the JVZoo verification link sent to your email, you’ll should see a redireation to JVzoo.com page indicating that your registration is verified.
jvzoo affiliate account 3
  • Let’s login our account to start setting up other things.
  • The next is selecting best means for you to get paid as an affiliate and vendor (marketer).

JVZoo Payment Options

Over the past year, PayPal was only the available option to get paid an affiliate or vendor. And we all know how hard and frustrating PayPal policy could be, that they do not allow some countries to use their services.

The MOST annoying part of paypaly is that even your country is even allowed to use paypal – it may either be that you are given an only option to shop with the money on your PayPal account .

They do not care if you have millions of dollars in the account or not. Only countries who have the full PayPal account options are allowed to withdraw directly into their accounts, Shop, send, fund, etc.

While some countries are not allowed, and few that are allowed can only use the account or money (in paypal) for online shopping.

To me, with this kind of PayPal’s policy, I think PayPal is not helping to promote affiliate space. If they think they do, then they should have known that it isn’t the right approach they are taking.

People are online hustling making earn means from online, and at the end of it all no way to get your money or only allowed to do shopping.

I guess it’s the reason the CEO of JVZoo depolied the idea of partnering with many payment solutions to cater to everyone’s needs.

JVZoo Affiliate Marketing Free Account Registration - Setup Direct Payment 1

Setting Up Payment Account

I’ve taken time going through the payment options but let’s start with the “JVZooPay”.


JVZooPay is the main JVZoo payment which allows you to withdraw your money directly into a local bank account or credit card. To start using the option you need to have a Payoneer account which is linked with the JVZoo pay.

The JVZoo (for now) works for commission payment.

As an affiliate, JVzoo collects your commissions into JVZoopay then sent to your Payoneer account.

From your Payoneer, you now move (withdraw) your cash into your local bank account which you have added.

The Payoneer account registration is free (click here to apply for a Global Payoneer account today).

How to link Payoneer with JVZoo

Payoneer link to JVZoo image
  • Login to your JVZoo payment options.
  • Also login into your Payoneer account. Then go to the JVZoo account which you already logged in.
  • It displays list of payment options (see image above). For payoneer – click on “Configure”. If you already created the free account (if not you can use the link above)
  • On the right-side screen click on “Use an existing Payoneer account”.
  • There will be a redirection to Payoneer.com. After successfully logging into Payoneer, a brief success message will be displayed confirming the linking of your Payoneer account and you will be redirected back to JVZoo.com.

Now your account is set to start receiving commissions. However, from your dashboard click on Payment Profile ( https://www.jvzoo.com/account/payment/profiles ) to see other payment options you may want to link.

Click configure and follow the on-screen steps.

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