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Keystone Bank USSD Code For Money Transfer (*7111#)

One of the Nigerian Banks that offers you convenience to make payment at any time and any day is the Keystone. The Keystone Bank USSD Code For Money Transfer allows you transfer money to anyone in Nigeria at any time and any day even without internet connection.

So, this makes it easy for you to make transfer without going to bank. If you want to pay bills online, you can also use this USSD code. I will show you how you can do all these without any problem at all.

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Keystone Bank *7111# Code is a convenient, fast, secure and affordable way to Keystone your Keystone bank services 24/7 through your mobile phone without internet.  With Keystone Bank *7111#, you can make transfers, recharge your airtime and check your account balance.

Keystone Bank USSD Code For Money Transfer (*7111#)

Why should you even consider using the Keystone USSD Code for money transfer? Here are the benefits.

  1. It’s quick and simple to use
  2. It can be used on any phone
  3. You don’t need internet data to use it
  4. Bank Transfer, Airtime recharge is instant and available 24/7

Keystone USSD Codes And Uses

Below are the different transactions you can perform using the Keystone USSD code.

REGISTER *7111*0#
Airtime for yourself *7111*Amount#
Airtime for others *7111*Amount*Phone Number#
Bank Transfer *7111*Amount*Account Number#
Check Account Balance *7111*1#
Bills Payment *7111*2#

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How to Register for Keystone 7111 USSD Code

  1. To register, dial *7111*0# on using your registered phone number with Keystone Bank.

How to Load Airtime  with Keystone 7111 USSD Code

  1. To load airtime for yourself using Keystone *7111# USSD Code,  dial *7111*amount# on your registered phone number. E.g *7111*200# to purchase N200 airtime credit.
  2. To load airtime for others, simply dial  *7111*Amount*Phone Number#

How to Check Your Account Balance with Keystone 7111 USSD Code

  1. To check your account balance using Keystone *7111# USSD code, dial *7111*1# on your mobile phone and follow the on-screen prompts.

Keystone Bank Transfer USSD Code

The Keystone transfer USSD code is *7111*Amount*Account Number#. for transfers to Keystone bank or other banks. Please see the details below Also, note that you can not transfer more the  N200,000 (Two Hundred thousand naira only) in a day.

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How to Transfer Money from Keystone Bank to Keystone Bank

To transfer money from your Keystone bank account to another Keystone Bank account or other Banks using Keystone *7111# USSD code,  do the following:

  1. Dial *7111*Amount*Account Number#.  For example dial *7111*5000*3052529796#  to transfer N5000 to that account.
  2. Then follow the on-screen prompts.

Drop your questions in the comment box and we shall attend to you. With Keystone Bank USSD Code For Money Transfer , you are good to go.


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