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Kicksta Full Review – Learn How Kicksta Works to grow Instagram Followers
Kicksta Full Review - How Kicksta Works

Kicksta Full Review – Imagine being able to grow your Instagram followers automatically while you focus on just posting great contents. Terrific right? Great! You no more have to worry about doing everything by yourself to grow your Instagram followers. With Kicksta, everything is taking care of. This Kicksta review will show you how Kicksta works.

One of the challenges facing Instagram marketers is simple how to grow their number of followers. For most people, this is the hardest thing to do. However, it shouldn’t be. There are lots of Instagram marketing tools that can be harnessed to ensure your Instagram followers keep coming in ORGANICALLY.

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If you want to get real people followers, then this Kicksta Full Review – How Kicksta Works is just what you will need. And we will ensure we provide all details for you. Shall we?

First thing first!

What is Kicksta?

Kicksta is an online Instagram Management Tool that grows your Instagram followers organically. It basically works in 4 easy step.

  1. Provide us with a few Instagram accounts that have followers you’d like to attract.
  2. We’ll like 1-2 photos from each user following those accounts on your behalf.
  3. They’ll get a notification that you liked their photo and come back to check out your page.
  4. Because we engage with people who have similar interests to your brand, it increases the chances they’ll want to follow your Instagram as well.

Let’s move on with Kicksta full review.

Kicksta Full Review – How Kicksta Works

So, here is the Kicksta review. We will be telling you all you need to know about how kicksta works. Are you ready?


How Does Kicktsa Work?

Here is a summary of how Kicksta works.

  1. Once you sign up, provide us with a list of target Instagram accounts that have followers that you’d like to attract.
  2. We’ll then ‘like’ 1-2 photos from each user following those target accounts you provided. The users will get a notification that you liked their photo and come check out your Instagram.
  3. Since we’re targeting similar accounts to yours, it increases the likelihood that they’ll also like your brand and want to follow you.
  4. We like around 30,000 photos a month, helping to boost the overall organic reach on your page.
  5. You will be sent a growth report each month and assigned a dedicated customer success manager that you can reach out to at anytime.
  6. Simple right?

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How To Get Started

To get started, we would need your Instagram handle, password and a list of target accounts. Target accounts are other Instagram accounts that have followers that you would like to attract back to your page. More often than not, these end up being competitors, complementary brands, influencers in your space, etc. Remember, we are not liking the accounts you give us, but THEIR followers.

KickSta 14-Day Money Back Guarantee

We have a 14 day money-back guarantee (excluding one year contracts). If you are not happy within your first two weeks of the service, just let us know and we will issue you a refund. No questions asked. However, the people who have had the most success are the ones who have been with us the longest.

What Happens After Sign Up?

After you signup and enter in a few target accounts, we still begin the set-up process and have your account ready to rock in less than 24 hours. We will be in touch throughout the whole onboarding process. Once we are good to go, you can focus on consistently posting high-quality content and we’ll focus on bringing the right people back to your page.

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KickSta Pricing List

Kicksta offers two different pricing. They include

1. The Creative: You’re an influencer or entrepreneur whose Instagram savvy and focused on growth.


  1. $49/mo paid monthly
  2. Moderate Growth (upto 1,000 engagements daily)
  3. Smart Filters
  4. Exclusive Video Onboarding
  5. Safe and Secure ?
  6. 10 Targets

2. The Professional: Great for any brand or influencer who is serious about getting real followers on Instagram


  1. $99/mo paid monthly
  2. Maximum Growth (up to 1,500 daily engagements)
  3. Smart Filters
  4. Exclusive Video Onboarding
  5. Safe and Secure ?
  6. 40 Targets
  7. Premium Email Support
  8. Dedicated Account Manager
  9. Live Chat Support
  10. Gender Targeting
  11. Hashtag Targeting
  12. Location Targeting ?
  13. Blacklist

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Kicksta FAQs

We want to provide answers to possible and the frequent questions people ask.

1. How Many Followers should i expect by using Kicksta?

It really varies by each account. If you’re consistently posting high-quality content and to the right audience, you’re definitely going to see a higher number of followers. At the end of the day, it’s up to the user whether or not they choose to follow you. We can’t guarantee any specific number of followers and please don’t believe any company who says they can- it’s just not possible.

2. Can I use your service simultaneously with another one?

In order for us to work at our optimal potential, we recommend not using any other growth services simultaneously. If you have any questions about using other services in conjunction with Kicksta, just ask your Customer Success Manager.

3. When will I start seeing results?

Give us 24 hours to get your account all set-up, then we will start driving traffic to your page.

We are a very organic service using only “likes” to attract people back to your page. For this reason, engagement tends to come in waves. Please do not let this discourage you! As we progress, we’ll learn which targets are bringing you in the most followers. That way, moving forward we can adjust your targets to optimize growth.

4. Can you post content for me?

No, at this time, we do not offer posting content for our clients.

Posting content for clients is just too subjective. No one knows your brand voice better than you. You focus on posting high-quality content and we’ll focus on bringing the right people to your page

5. Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, if you are paying monthly, you may cancel at anytime. We try to keep it as flexible as possible. However, the clients who have seen the most success have been the ones who have stayed on with us the longest.

Our long-term contracts are binding.

How To Create Kicksta Accout

Just visit the official website: https://kicksta.co/ then enter your email address to get started.

We have given you a detailed guide on Kicksta Full Review – How Kicksta Works. Do you have any question, comment or contribution? Use the comment box below.


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