How do I know the number of electricity units purchased?

For record purposes, It is interesting to know the number of electricity units before and even after completing payment. You don’t have to stress yourself to start calculating when there’re few companies with such features on their services. Just type in the amount then you see the number of units – as simple as ABC…

I won’t be mentioning banks in Nigeria because most of them are affiliated with one of the popular electricity bill payment services, while others get tokens directly from the PowerHolding companies providers. Besides, they (the banks) don’t calculate the number of expected token recharge.

Previously, I listed trusted apps that have the feature (market right) to sell electricity units and also payment of electricity bills without going to any power holding office (check the list here), but not all calculates and show the electricity units.

So this time, the below companies perfectly does that.

List of electricity bill payment services that shows the number of electricity units

  1. BuyPower
How do I know the number of electricity units purchased? 1 is a popular and one of the most convenient electricity bill payment options. Though their charges may not be convenient as they charge only N100 (Plus other VAT if buying from Bank) for every electricity bill payment. But it is most preferred to buy directly from to reduce cost (charges). See our complete review about BuyPower here.

Before payment is initiated, BuyPower calculates the unite base of the purchasing amount input. And even after completing payment – the receipt is sent to the customers’ email addresses and via SMS – including the electricity recharge unite.

  1. Baxi
How do I know the number of electricity units purchased? 2

Unlike BuyPower – specifically known for electricity bill payment, Baxi is a multi-channel financial platform. But you can check out our complete Baxi review page here; thus this page was met to discuss how many Electricity units you will get for the amount you plan to buy.

Baxi is so convenient that no charges are using the platform to buy electricity tokens. Instead, bonuses are given for every transaction carried out using the platform. It works the same way as BuyPower, it calculates and shows the expected unite before proceeding to payment and after payment, the Token unite is also displayed but not included on the receipt generated after.

It is a competitive market for these third parties, therefore, better companies will defiantly be coming up soon with unique packages so this page will be updated as we keep researching for the best.

And you can as well share through the comment box below if you have better apps that allow you to calculate how many Electricity units you will get for the amount you plan to buy and even after buying.

But for now, keep enjoying BuyPower and Baxi services.


Please note that Non of the above-listed companies generates these token themselves, payment and tokens goes (and generated by) to the PowerHolding service providers – see all service providers here and states they provide service to.

Why it is important to know the number of Units before & after buying

  • For record purposes – to know what to expect whether to increses or reduce.
  • Stil for record puposes (does doing it as a business) – customer will definatly want to know the number of token generated, which makes Baxi and BuyPower the best option to use for customer satisfaction.

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