Konga Shopping: How To Register And Sell On Konga Shopping Site

How To Register And Sell On Konga Shopping SiteKonga and Jumia are the top two online shopping sites in Nigeria. Not only are the unrivalled in competition, they also deliver as promised. We have earlier written on how to register and sell on Jumia shopping site. However, today is on how to register and sell on Konga shopping site. We will give you a step-by-step run down on how to do this with ease. This is your opportunity to increase your customer base.

The increased advancement on Ecommerce is having spiral effects on commerce in general. These days, shopping is taking place online almost in the same frequency as offline. There are many sites that are offering quality services for Ecommerce sites. As an entrepreneur, you have to adjust yourself and catch up with this new trend. It is no longer JUST OKAY to do online shopping, it is much more important to also sell online. Consequently, here is all you need on how to register and sell on Konga shopping site.

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How To Register And Sell On Konga Shopping Site

How To Register And Sell On Konga Shopping Site

To register and sell on the Konga shopping site, you will need to register as a Merchant.

  • Log onto https://shq.konga.com/account/register?ref=landingpage
  • Fill out the sign up form and provide important details such as E-mail Address, Bank Account and Mobile Number
  • Konga verifies these details to ensure they are correct.
  • You will get a dedicated support for your store. Also, will you get a free storefront.
  • Next is to create your SellerHQ account. This is your management portal to sell on Konga.
  • You upload your products to Konga.com. What is required are just pictures, description, quantity and price required of the products.
  • Next, customers make orders on your products.
  • Konga will verify the customer details. It will also tell you when you have new
    orders to process via email, SMS and through SellerHQ.
  • Furthermore, accept the Order. You will also receive the customer’s profile – just making sure you can trust your customer as much as they can trust you.
  • Product delivery. This is done in 3 ways:
    1. Self-Delivery: You can take the order directly to the customer’s doorstep and collect payment at once if the customer’s location is within your reach.
    2. Third Party Shipping Partners: Ship your order through Konga’s logistic partners like DHL, UPS, QUO, CourierPlus, EMS and Chisco Transport. Shipping is at reduced Konga negotiated rate to anywhere in the country.
    3.  Konga Express Delivery: You will take the new orders to Konga Express Drop Off Centre close to you for onward shipment to customer.

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These are all you need about how to register and sell on Konga shopping site. As with Jumia, you can make use of this opening and improve your sales while skyrocketing your income. The sky is your limit. Contact us with your questions, comments and contributions and we shall give you a feedback.

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