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Kuda is swiftly spreading wider than anyone could think, proving wonderful features (which have been mentioned and explained below), especially the responsiveness of its customer service – has made many users keep tripping into this current best online banking, “Kuda”.

About Kuda

Currently (as of when this post was released, Kuda was known to operate gallantly in Nigeria, while making preparations to extend services in the United Kingdom, Ghana, and Uganda.

Kuda is the Online Banking platform allowing free transfers to other banks. That is no fee is charged for transferring from Kuda to other banks or Financial accounts of its like.

The free banking goes like this…
Each month, 25 free transfer chances are allocated to every Kuda account. But changes start after exhausting the free transfer allocation.

However, inspite of that, Kuda charges remain highly competitive in the Banking industry.

Types of Kuda accounts

Kuda provides TWO main types of accounts; the Individual account and the business account.

Kuda Individual account

The personal Kuda account gives so many reliable features already. Among all, giving 25 free transfer every month, enable you to send and receive money directly into your kuda account, buy airtime, pay bills (like electricity, paid tv, etc), and Pay online without a card, ATM and POST payments, including sales and purchases of Giftcard.

The Personal/Individual account is already loaded with features allowing users to transact swiftly. And the interesting part of it all is that transactions are free here.

We wouldn’t forget to mention the Kuda’s Visa credit/debit card you get from your account. Kuda provides both virtual and physical cards you can also use on any ATM and POS machines.

How to access the Kuda Personal/Individual Account

Kuda has provided two options for accessing the account, through the official Kuda mobile App and the official website https://app.kuda.com. Unlike the Business Kuda, as of now, it is not shown the personal website and no app nighter.

Opening a Kuda account is free, you need your full name, email address, phone number, BVN (if you’re from Nigeria), mode of identification, and other details of your next of kin and home address.

Download the Kuda mobile here using the link below;

Alternatively, you can visit kuda.com/getKuda/ and scan the QR code below with your phone camera to download the Kuda app.

Kuda business account

The Kuda for business allows you to generate and send invoices, make free transfers, manage multiple accounts, and more. All intentions are to prove your business a smarter business banking.

It may sound weird to realize that the “Business Kuda” is a separate platform; that means access to it is different from the individual account. Notwithstanding, with your personal/individual account you can get access to the business Kuda account (using the same login details).

How to access the Kuda Business Account

The official website is https://business.kuda.com and to get started, simply go to the official Kuda business website.

Setting Up your Kuda Business Account

To set up your Kuda Business Account, click on “Get Started” and enter your email and password. Then select how you wish to validate your account; either with SMS or with the Kuda App (if you already have a personal Kuda app installed).

Allow the process of linking your personal account with your new business account.

Then accept the Kuda’s terms and conditions, then click on “Confirm”. Then start banking.

Please note that your new business account will be on the Freelancer tier of Kuda Business. You have the option to either stay on this account tier or you can upgrade to a full business account. On the business account, you will be able to make a daily large amount of transactions, more than on the business freelancer account.

The requirement to upgrade to Kuda business:

(Business Name)
– CAC Registration Form
– Certificate of Registration of Business Name

(Limited Liability)
– Certificate of Incorporation
– Memorandum and Articles of Association
– Particulars of Directors
– Particulars of Shareholders
– Board Resolution

The requirement to use the Kuda Freelancer:

You really do not have any document to submit here, rather you have an explanation to make in detail concerning your business and its activities.

Kuda’s Best Alternatives

The best alternative we can recommend at this point is;

  • OPay (also known as PayCom)

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