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Are you searching for a profitable platform that allows you to make money providing banking services around your location? If “YES” then you are on the right page to learn how to become a credible and profitable Kudi Agent.

This is an opportunity to work with Kudi mobile Wallet as you have more chances to save more and earn more profit. For instance, no Stamp duty charges. Meaning you or your customer won’t be charged N50 on every N10,000 and above transaction, you do for your customers.

Now you have the chance of acquiring more customers, make your prices more competitive to earn more profit.

Requirements are simple to provide, no need for Bank statement, no daily or monthly target.

Requirements to Become Kudi Agent

  • Kudi Agent App
  • Your Phone number
  • BVN
  • Any Government issued ID card
  • Email Address

Kudi Agent App:

It is easy, fast, and secured to download and start using. The app has all type of transactions you want to carry out as an agent; Cash withdrawal, deposit and transfer to any Bank, Pay Utility Bills from across any State,

Your Phone Number:

When you hear “Mobile Wallet Account” it simply means your phone number is either the account of that Mobile wallet or an account is generated to you. But you MUST provide your phone number.

Also Your phone number is your login ID,

BVN (Bank Verification Identification Number):

As said before, that Kudi Agent App is a secured platform and approved by CBN – so providing your BNV is important and standard, in fact, the first requirements while creating the account.

You providing your BNV allows Kudi to confirm that your personal information on your Kudi account is the same in your BVN profile. Learn more about BVN linking here.

CBN made is a compulsory requirement as a way of detecting fraudulent account. And Providing your BVN on the Kudi Agent Account signup form does not mean that Kudi will have access your to your account – No, not at all!

The reason for providing BVN is stated above.

Read About This: Learn how to Apply for BVN here

Government issued ID card:

We have previously listed out all recognized Government issued Identity Cards (SEE PAGE HERE). It is a means of identifying your personality (your name, location, etc.)

Not only Kudi request of Government-issued ID card, as it is a standard and compulsory required document you must scan and upload to verify your account.

Email Address:

Your email address is also needed, to enable you receiving email updates from Kudi when necessary.

You can use any email, in as much its active and you have access to it. Whether Gmail, Yahoo mail, Outlook, Yandex Mail, etc. all serves well.

You Might Also Need Any of the following Information:
1. How to Create New Gmail Account for Free
2. How to Create New Yahoo Email Account Free
3. How to Create a New Outlook Account Free
4. How to Create a New Yandex Email Account Free

(Click on any of the title to a fresh email for free)

To become a Kudi agent, first you need to download the mobile app, then create your account, verify and fund your account.

We have taken the steps one after another to enable you to understand how to do it from your end. Simply follow every step shown on this page to enable you successfully download Kudi Agent App for Free and also Sign Up Kudi Agent Account right now.

Let’s start with the Kudi Agent App download process!

How to Download and Install Kudi Agent App

The Kudi Agent app is only available on Android for now. You can download from your Android playstore by searching with the Keyword term “Kudi Agent”.

Alternatively, you can click on the click on the link below to download the latest version.

Download Kudi Agent App

Please note that the above link will redirect you to your Android play store to start the download process.

How to Sign Up Kudi Agent Account for Free

Step 1: Launch Kudi Agent App

After you’ve downloaded the installed the app, tap on the Kudi app icon to open.

Step 2: Create Kudi Agent Account

This is the part you have been longing to see. Now, tap on “Create Account” to open the Kudi Agent sign up form.

Step 3: Complete the Registration/Sign Up Process

Part A: You will be required to enter your Phone number, then your BVN – click here to learn how to get your BVN by SMS now

Then tap on “Continue” after confirming that the information you entered is correct.

Part B: A verification code will be sent to you via SMS. You have 5mins to enter the code – in order to confirm and verify your phone number.

please note that you can alternatively call Kudi to get the verification code, to pass this stage.

Part C: Now Kudi wants to know more about you. You will be requested to provide your Names, date of birth (DOB) and your Gender.

proceed on tapping “Continue” once you have provided this information correctly.

Please make sure your information rimes with your BVN profile account

Part D: You will be requested to take (snap) picture of yourself instantly then upload.

Please note that in the process of doing this (or about to), KudiApp will seek your permission to enable/allow them to access your location and camera. Always “Allow” whenever you see such information on Kudi Agent App.

Part E: Enter information about your business. Here you will be requested to provide your Business Name, location state and LGA.

Also tap on “Continue” to proceed to the next stage of the Kudi Agent registration.

Part F: Now it depends on the type of Phone you’re using, Kudi Agent App automatically detects if your phone has a fingerprint and Face ID feature – it request you to enable it for secure and fast login to your account.

Please note that you can as well skip this part – and later on enable it yourself if you want.

Tap on ‘Enable” if you like to use any of these security feature to login.

Part G: Create your PIN – make sure its a PIN code you will always remember. because you will be needing the PIN whenever you want to complete a transaction.

Then check the box to agree on Kudi App terms and conditions. Then tap “Submit”

Part H: Provide your method of identification (ID card). Here you will be requested to select the type of ID you want to use (or you have) and ID card number.

The following IDs are accepted:

  • National ID card (see how to apply for it here or check if yours is available for collection)
  • International passport (See how to apply online and offline here)
  • Voter’s card (See how to get your permanent voter’s card here)
  • NIMC Slip (see how to re-print your slip here)
  • Drivers License (See how to apply for it here)

Then you will also be requested to enter your email address. Then tap the “Submit” button once every information you provided are correct.

You have successfully created your Kudi Agent Account.

But there is still other information you need to complete. So keep reading as we take you around the account.

Navigating on Kudi Agent App Settings Menu

If you aren’t used to using a mobile app, you may as well find it strange where to locate your settings menu in Kudi App.

Aside from that, there are still few things to look out for in order to complete every required step that has to do with signing up as an Agent.

Although from the completed steps above, you can start operating already as an agent

Kudi App Menu Location:

Kudi App Settings menu

The image above is pointing to Kudi Menu button. Now click and see all options.

How to Upgrade Your Kudi Agent Account

By default your account KYC level is on Level One. Which means:

Your wallet top-up limit is N100,000
Your daily limit for transfer is N300,000
Your daily limit for withdrawal is N100,000, and
You can cashout to 1 account number

But these limits are increased once you upgrade using the steps below;

  1. Tap on the Menu (as shown above)
  2. Then tap on “SETTINGS”
  3. Under the Personal, KYC Level – LEVEL ONE, click on “Upgrade Account”
  4. You will be asked to select your ID card type, then fill out the ID card number, Next of kins details (name and phone number), and upload a recent utility bill document.
  5. Then tap “Submit”

Now, Kudi

Editing your Personal and Business Information

  1. Click on the “Menu”
  2. Then click on “Settings”
  3. On the same page where you applied to upgrade your account, but below it is “Personal Information” as “Incomplete”. Now click on “Edit Profile” to fill out the incomplete part and re-submit

How to Fund Kudi Wallet

There are two ways available to for funding Kudi wallet; either by Kudi Top-up Account or Top-up with USSD.

Kudi Top-up Account: This is the account Kudi generates to you and its assigned to you for making your deposit. Please note that this account number is only assigned to your Kudi wallet; that means whenever you deposit money into the account, it then reflects in your Kudi Wallet.

While the other option, Top-up with USSD

  1. From the Home screen, you should see write up like this (below)

    Wallet Balance
    To begin a transaction on Kudi,
    Kindly fund your wallet
    >>Fund Wallet
  2. Click on “Fund Wallet”
  3. You should see your Kudi account number, your name and the name of Bank you will deposit money to.
  4. Now copy out the information and proceed to your Bank App to make the transfer into the acct details you copied out.
  5. In few seconds you should receive a credit alert from Kudi Bank.

Also you will notice that your Kudi Agent App interface (UI) will change, which means you’re reading to start making transactions because your account has been funded.

Kudi Agent Transaction Rate

Transaction TypesCharge Rate
TransferN45 for any mount.
Withdrawal– N25 is charged from N100 to N4,500
– 0.6% is charged from N4,501 to N25,000
– N150 is charged from N25,001 to N500,000
Stamp DutyNo Stamp Duty charges
All other BillsFREE + You earn Points (commission)

How to Get Kudi Agent POS

Kudi Mobile Bank provides (gives) free POS to their Agents, but with the condition that you need to keep performing transactions your Kudi Agent App until you qualify for a free POS terminal.

And remember the time frame at which you will get your Free Kudi POS is not known because people are also in the queue for the same purpose.

But Kudi also provides another way to get it faster. This way, you have to buy it right away. Your POS arrives at your location within 2weeks of your order.

Applying for Kudi POS

If you want to get the POS terminal for free than the steps below is NOT for you. Just fund your account and start using your Kudi Agent App for transacting till you will be qualified.

But follow the steps below if you want to order for Kudi POS.

Please note that you MUST have funded your account with at least N75,500 for the purchase of the POS terminal. The POS cost N75,000 only.

  1. Login to your Kudi Agent App
  2. Navigate to “Menu”
  3. tap on “Settings”
  4. Swap screen to left to navigate to “Account” tab. or you can as well tap n “Account”.
  5. Tap on “Buy POS”
  6. Fill out your location details and tab on “Continue”
  7. here you will see the details of the POS and the cost of it. Now submit your request to complete your order.

Are you interested in becoming a credible Kudi Agent right now?

If your answer is a “YES“, then type in your Full name and Phone number in the comment box below.

Also use the comment box if you have any question. We are here to attend to it all.


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