It is very correct that Lagos has the largest population of drivers among all the states in Nigeria. This comprises both private and commercial drivers. And which is highly contributing to the level of irresponsible traffic jams, accidents and other obstructions that could limit fellow drivers from reaching their destination smoothly at when due.

The Lagos State Government believes that among these drivers (private and commercial) many lacks driving training. So, therefore, that the best way to eliminate this effect is by introducing the Lagos State Driver’s Institution (LASDRI) and the Lagos State Driver’s Licence.

In addition to the above reasons Lagos Gov also aim to…

  • Professionalizing the activities of Drivers in the State
  • Improve Driving Culture.
  • Reduce Road Traffic Accidents.
  • Reduction of Traffic jams / Congestion.
  • Reduce Road Rage
  • Improve Environmental Condition
  • Improved Health conditions and a decrease in associated hospital bills
  • Increase in foreign exchange through reduced capital flight
  • Improve Economic growth


The Lagos State Government have released “Lagos State Drivers Licence” for drives to obtain online for free. The process is fast and simple to follow. Meanwhile, we have also help to simplify it even more – to the level of everyone understanding.

This also means that before you legally start driving in Lagos State you will have to obtain the driving licence using the steps shows below this page.


How To Download Lagos State Driver’s Licence Application Form Online

Like I said below that the form is free of charge. All you need do is make sure you are using a computer to carry out the task because it will require that you print out forms from online.

Please note that you can as well use a mobile phone to access the form, but challenges may arise when it comes to printing, that is why it’s better using the computer.

Also, make sure you have the Microsoft Word (any version) installed and active in your computer which you are using.

#1. To get started Visit the official website Then a page like the one you see below opens for you;

Download Lagos State Driver’s Licence Application Form


#2. Click the “Driver Application Form” link to start your download.

The form looks like this in Microsoft Word (after the download is complete);

Lagos State Driver’s Licence Application Form
A sample of the Lagos State Driver’s Licence Application Form



#3. Fill the downloaded Form carefully and provide the necessary information required.

#4. After filling the form, submit it at the LASDRI office in Lagos.

LASDRI office address in Lagos: Ilupeju indusrial estate (Towards Oshodi), Lagos
Working Hours:
Tuesday 8AM–4:30PM
Wednesday 8AM–4:30PM
Thursday 8AM–4:30PM
Friday 8AM–4:30PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
Monday 8AM–4:30PM


#5. Follow any other instruction you will be given until you obtain your Lagos State driver’s licence.



Use the comment box below in case you have any question.

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