You can now get the Lagos State Driver’s Licence Application Form Download online. If you are not aware yet, the Lagos State government makes it compulsory for both private and commercial vehicle owners to obtain the Lagos State Driver’s Licence. This is according to the  Lagos State Driver’s Institute (LASDRI) law. We will show you how to apply for Lagos State Driver’s Licence easily.

The Lagos State government is actually determined to ensure every driver in Lagos obtains this driver’s licence. This is because of the increase and incessant accidents on the Lagos roads. Most of the accidents could be attributed to untrained drivers. They believe that through this means, people who are not qualified to drive would not be issued licence to drive on Lagos roads.

Lagos State Driver’s Licence Application Form Download

Lagos State Driver's Licence Application Form Download

Let us show you how you can obtain Lagos Driver’s Licence online. This form is online to download.

  1. Download the application form from the Lagos State Drivers Institute official website at and this is totally free.
  2. There are 2 different forms; Driver’s License Application Form and Driving School Application Form.
  3. If you only want the Lagos driver’s license, download the Driver’s License Application Form which would require your passport photograph. If you want to establish a driving school, download the Driving School Application Form.
  4. Fill the downloaded Form carefully and provide the necessary information required.
  5. After filling the form, submit it at the LASDRI office in Lagos.
  6. Follow any other instruction you will be given until you obtain the driver’s licence.

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Why Was The Lagos Driver’s Licence Introduced?

A lot of reasons are responsible for this introduction of the Lagos Driver’s Licence. They include:

  1. Lack proper training / skill acquisition
  2. Lack adequate knowledge of traffic rules and regulations.
  3. Road Sign illiterates
  4. Lack adequate knowledge of the Vehicle (Vehicle Illiteracy)
  5. Lack of understanding simple owner manual requirements for vehicle maintenance.

These and many more forced them to introduce this idea. They believe that the following benefits will be gotten.

  1. Professionalizing the activities of Drivers in the State
  2. Improved Driving Culture.
  3. Reduced Road Traffic Accidents.
  4. Reduction of Traffic jams / Congestion.
  5. Reduced Road Rage
  6. Improved Environmental Condition
  7. Improved Health conditions and decrease in associated hospital bills
  8. Increase in foreign exchange through reduced capital flight
  9. Improved Economic growth.

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