Lagos State Government Releases Website For Plate Number Verification

Lagos is the commercial hub of Nigeria. The state which is situated in the South West geo-political zone of Nigeria, plays a significant role in the economy and politics of Nigeria. It is simply the “most-happening” state in Nigeria. The importance of this state is such that its population is enormous.  As such, people make use of private and public vehicles to move around the state.

However, most of these vehicle drivers face challenging times from Lagos Security outfits concerning motor license. They include the Lagos force, Federal Road Safety teams and other security agencies. To curb this ugly displeasing challenges, the Lagos State Motor Vehicle Administration Agency (MVAA), has released a website on how to confirm vehicle plate numbers registered in Lagos state.

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In announcing this new development, the Lagos State MVAA said “the platform has become necessary to eradicate the unnecessary harassment of licensees by officials of the Nigerian Police Force, Federal Road Safety Agency and other security agencies”. This development must be applauded.

How To Use The Website For Plate Number Verification

To confirm motor vehicle licenses registered in Lagos state, the concerned party/ies must:

  1. Log onto the website
  2. Type in the number plate of the vehicle
  3. Wait for confirmation.

This new innovation will be very vital in having a very strong motor vehicle database in Lagos. It would also ensure that the number of face-off between drivers and security agencies are reduced. The Lagos state government is doing the best to introduce technology into governance. This should be copied by other states in Nigeria.

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