Latest Mobdro Review

Latest Mobdro Review: Learn How to Use Mobdro on PC, Mobile, TV

Live Mobdro TV Online is a free software only available for Android, developed by Group Jingo. The app enables you to find free video streams online the watch then live from your device (Mobile Phones, Tablets, PC, and TV set).

There is no monthly subscription free. You enjoy yourself with your family and friends.

What triggered me to write about the Mobdro app is the fact that there are more than 50 channels to watch all live football leagues, soccer, WWE, etc. Just name any sports you know you enjoy on paid TV services, that you get here (and even more) for free.

So many popular channels you see them all on Mobdro, and even the once you haven’t come across before, maybe not popularly known in your country.

MOBDRO IS LOADED with all varities!

But you must have mobile browsing data to enable you to stream from the Mobdro app.

You could imagine streaming every important program you usually pay for, but getting all for free.

On this page, we are covered step by step of using Mobdro on mobile phones, tablets, PC and TV sets.

Latest Mobdro Review

Full Steps Of Installing Mobdro On Mobile

Mobdro is only compatible with Android OS, from Android 4.3 and later versions. The Mobile App is free to download. 

The Mobdro App for Mobile is not available on the Android play store. That means you have to download the APK App using the link provided below. Remember it cost nothing to download, and it is safe and free from virus.

But before you start the download, there are a few settings you need to turn on on your android phone. If you know before now that Android doesn’t allow the download of Apps outside its Play store, but you grant permission (using the steps below), you can always download any app, whether in or/and outside Google play store.

How to Download Mobdro on Android Phones:

Step 1: Enable “unknown sources” on Mobile

To do this;

  1. Go to your “Settings” on your Android Phone, then scroll down and tap on “SECURITY & PRIVACY.”
  2. Then scroll down again to find “UNKNOWN SOURCES” and tap/click the button to allow the installation of apps other than the Play Store

Now you’re set to download Mobdro Mobile App APK. Let’s move on!

Step 2: Download Latest Mobdro APK APP for Android

Your phone won’t deny you of downloading any app henceforth. Now click on the link below to start your download.

Your device may ask you whether you’re to download this app, that it may harm your appliance. Just ignore the warning and click/tap on “Yes” or “Install” or ‘Allow” – as the case may be.

Step 3: Install App (After Download)

After the download is complete, go to your browser “Downloads” (or, in some cases, you might see the “Install” button immediately after download), then find the app you just downloaded and click on it to start the installation process.

Follow the instructions appropriately to complete the installation.

Step 4: Launch/Open App

Few permissions may prompt on your screen to allow Mobdro access your contact, media, or location – click on the “Allow.”

Also, we observed that at your first lunch of the app, it might request more updates, allow it, and allow it up until the completion.

Then Enjoy!

Complete Steps Of Using Mobdro On PC

Doing this on PC is going to be a bit different from the above steps (using Mobdro on Mobile & Tablets). But it’s simple and straight forward too.

Remember we side from the stat that;

“Mobdro is an Android application.”

Which means it only works on Android OS devices. You may want to ask that how then will you use it on a PC? Is the PC an android OS?

No! Your PC isn’t an Android OS, but there is an emulator that allows you to run android apps on your PC.

We have a couple of then listed here>> (Top list of Android emulators for PC). However, among the listed emulators, Bluestacks is the most updated and popularly used across the world.

So let’s get started.

Step 1: Install an Android Emulator on PC

The Android emulator for Pc is free and straightforward to set up, and we have provided a link below that discussed more it, with a download link included.

Make sure your computer meets the installation requirements because you might experience hanging (PC dragging or Slow performance) once installed on a low computer.

After the installation, you have to login to the Google Play Store (the same experience on Andriod devices) n the Bluestack for you to be able to use the default browser (or install a new one through the Google Play Store on your PC’s Bluestacks.

Step 2: Download Moddro App Through Bluestacks

Now type in the page on the browser; and click enter.

Your Mobdro should start downloading. It may also prompt the same warning message as it does on mobile; permission to continue with the download, altering that the app may be harmful to your device – allow the download to keep by clicking “OK” or “Install” or “Allow,” etc.

After all, setups, launch it and enjoy your 

How to Install or Use Mobdro On TV (Television)

It’ll be fun if you can get this right, I guess that is what you should be saying now, right?

Installing it on your TV set have its requirements, its listed below;

1. If Your TV is a Smart TV then;

1.1: Your TV should be an Android-enabled set
1.2: or it should accept the installation of external APPs (if not android)
1.3: Your TV should allow or have a feature called; “Mirroring.”

2. If your TV isn’t a Smart TV set, then;

  2.1: You should have an external device that should help you convert your TV into an android.

Lol… not android emulation this time!

I’m talking about devices like; Android TV box or Chromecast or any better one you know that accepts Mobdro App

Mobdro Installation on TV Set

these steps below applies if you’re a smart tv set

  • Go to your Smart TV’s settings and enable the option of Unknown Sources from Security and Restrictions Once enabled, go to the App store of your respective Smart TV and search for ES File Manager.
  • Once found, Install the same Open ES File manager and locate “Add” on the top menu bar.
  • Click on the same, which will open up a pop-up box asking for Path and File Name.
  • Now go ahead and download Mobdro APK from here.
  • Now add the path of added APK, or you can directly add the path of APK file stored on a cloud and name them whatever you want.
  • Click on Add. Navigate to Bookmarks and find Mobdro (or whichever name you have given in the previous step). Now you should get the option to “Download for Android”, select that and follow the on-screen Instruction guide to Install the same.
  • Now you should start enjoying yourself.

And maybe your TV is smart or not a smart TV using the TV box works perfectly for you.


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