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Latest MTN Data Plans 2019 – Daily, Night, Weekly and Monthly Plans

MTN Data Plans 2019 – 2019 is here. If there is one thing that will remain constant is that here will be more need for data. Why? Because virtually everything can be done online today. People buy stuffs online, watch movies, interact, relate, study etc online. All these needs data. So, without data in 2019, you will be like a fish taken out of water.

This is why we have decided to bring to you the latest MTN Data Plans 2019. This is aimed at bringing to you the best data plans MTN has to offer to you this year. As you already know, MTN is Nigeria’s number 1 telecom firm. It has more coverage than Glo, Airtel & 9mobile.

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As a result, you really need to know the MTN Data Plans 2019. It is highly advised you use MTN especially if you are always on the internet and you need fast data connection. So, let’s show you all what MTN has got to offer to us this 2019.

Latest MTN Data Plans 2019

We will show you the MTN data plans for 2019. However, we will break them down for you into the different categories of data on offer.

MTN Daily PlansMTN Data Plans 2019

There are two different plans under the daily data plans.

1. 50MB + 25MB Bonus Daily Plan: Costs N100 and lasts for just 24 Hrs. To buy, Text”104″ to 131
2. 150MB + 75MB Bonus Daily Plan: This costs N200 and also lasts for 24 Hrs. To buy, Text”113″ to 131.

MTN Weekly Data PlanMTN Data Plans 2019

This also has two different sub-plans on offer.

1. 150MB: This unique plan costs N300 and has 7 Days validity. To buy, Text”102″ to 131
2. 500MB: Another weekly plan is the 500MB. This costs N500 and last only 7 Days. To buy, Text”103″ to 131.

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MTN Monthly Data Plans

MTN Data Plans 2019

The following are the full list of plans for the MTN monthly data plan.

1. 1GB: This costs N1,000. The validity is 30 Days. To buy, Text”106″ to 131
2. 1.5GB: The cost of this is N1,200 and still lasts 30 Days as the first. To buy, Text”130″ to 131
3. 2.5GB: N2,000 and lasts for 30 Days. To buy, Text”110″ to 131
3. 5GB: The price for the is N3,500 and lasts just for 30 Days. To buy, Text”107″ to 131
4. 10GB: You will purchase this plan with N5,000 and it will last you for 30 Days. To buy, Text “116” to 131
5. 22GB: Here you will pay N10,000 for duration of 30 Days. To buy, Text”117″ to 131

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MTN 60 Day/Quarterly Plans

MTN Data Plans 2019

These are the mega plans. For those heavy, heavy data users, this plan is just for you. They include two different plans.

1. 50GB: This goes for N20,000 and lasts for 60 Days. To buy, Text”118″ to 131
2. 85GB: This plan costs N50,000 and last for 3 months or 90 Days. To buy, Text”133″ to 131.

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MTN Good Bag Data Plans

The MTN Goody bag is the special data plans you can use to access social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. These plans are many. They include the following.

Plan Name Apps Activation SMS to 131 Deactivation SMS to 131
Goody Bag Daily (₦25) WhatsApp WAD STOPWAD
Goody Bag Daily (₦25) Facebook FBD STOPFBD
Goody Bag Daily (₦25) Instagram INSD STOPINSD
Goody Bag Daily (₦25) 2Go 2GOD STOP2GOD
Goody Bag Daily (₦25) WeChat WCD STOPWCD
Goody Bag Daily (₦25) Eskimi ESKD STOPESKD
Goody bag Weekly (₦50) WhatsApp WAW STOPWAW
Goody bag Weekly (₦50) Facebook FBW STOPFBW
Goody bag Weekly (₦50) Instagram INSW STOPINSW
Goody bag Weekly (₦50) 2Go 2GOW STOP2GOW
Goody bag Weekly (₦50) WeChat WCW STOPWCW
Goody bag Weekly (₦50) Eskimi ESKW STOPESKW
Goody Bag Monthly (₦150) WhatsApp WAM STOPWAM
Goody Bag Monthly (₦150) Facebook FBM STOPFBM
Goody Bag Monthly (₦150) Instagram INSM STOPINSM
Goody Bag Monthly (₦150) 2Go 2GOM STOP2GOM
Goody Bag Monthly (₦150) WeChat WCM STOPWCM
Goody Bag Monthly (₦150) Eskimi ESKM STOPESKM

So, you now have the MTN Data Plans 2019. Choose anyone that goes best for you and start enjoying today.


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