Learn How To Add New Friends On Facebook

 Add New Friends On Your Facebook Account –

I am going to make this topic an interesting one so that by the end of this article you and any other person most have learn how to add new friends on facebook.

Let me start by asking you this few questions before we go into the main topic “How To Add New Friends On Facebook

Question 1.  You have a facebook account? Click here to Sign up

Question 2. Can you have access to your facebook accout?

Now if  “YES” then follow the step below to add new facebook friend:

Steps On How To Add New Friends On Facebook:

  1. Step 1, login to your facebook account by click on: www.facebook.com
  2. Type your friend’s name or email in the Facebook search bar at the top of any Facebook page.
  3. Select their name to go to their Timeline.
  4. Click the Add Friend button. You might not see this button on some people’s Timelines, depending on their privacy settings.

Now once this new added friend (s) accepts your request, they’ll show up in your Facebook friends list.

Note: If you’ve been temporarily blocked from adding new friends, you’ll need to wait until the block is finished.

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