Learn How to Apply For Pre-Paid Meter Online | Get your Meter in 60days

You are on this page because you want to learn how to apply For Pre-Paid Meter Online and get it delivered to you at your house within 60days. Also, you will be educated on how the portal works and why you should go for meter instead of using a direct connection from the pole.

Majority of people in Nigeria aren’t happy with the rate at which bills are distributed to them, yet they do not have a meter. Having the mentality that you need to have a connection or know a worker there before your request can be granted. Well after going through this page you will understand that it’s all a misconception of information.

We are going to be using a form of question and answers to deliver this information in full. But you will do one thing is true, “Make sure to share this page on facebook, and other social platforms to expand this awareness you are about to learn”. This will help enlighten everyone who is interested to Apply For Pre-Paid Meter Online. Also to learn the steps in doing that. Meanwhile, on the previous post, we explained a core difference between Pre-paid and Post-paid meter – learn more here.

What is a Pre-Paid Meter?

A pre-paid meter simply means you pay as you go. We can as well say its a process of recharging (buying) an amount of energy you want to use or you feel will be enough for you.  The funny and good thing about this package is that you have a total control of how you use your energy. For instance; you can decide to off your energy from reading if you do not want to use at that moment, or you are travelling for some days. No one will be bringing bills for you or disconnecting you from electricity source, WHY? Because you are using a “Pre-Paid Meter“.

Some people recharge (buy) a very large amount that even lasts for more than 1month, 2months and so on… Well, this will depend on what you want and how you want it.

What Are The Requirements to Apply for A Pre-paid Meter?

This is a very necessary question to ask because not everyone is eligible to apply for a pre-paid meter. The requirements include that;

  • you must have buildings or shops that you are applying the meter for.
  • you must already have an account.
  • your outstanding bills have to be cleared.
  • you need a connection to apply online.

Can a Tenant Single handily apply for his personal meter?

YES, a tenant can apply for his personal meter. Whether you are a tenant in one shop, two or more, you can apply for it. But one thing stands here, which is; you are not allowed to remove tor take away the meter whenever you are packing out of your resident or shop. This is because it is not your property.

Do I pay any money to Apply for Meter?

No, you do not have to pay any money. Remember you are applying via only. SO no one will be requesting that you pay money. But you should always maintain an active account. And pay up every outstanding bill.

As a House or Shop Owner, Can I apply for every apartments and shop I have?

Yes, you have the option to specify how many you want, but the way it’s been done mostly is, for instance in a situation where you have up to 10 flats (or apartments) in one compand – assuming its A Room-self contain and/or A Room-and -Pallaw self-contain. Now, FIVE pre-paid meter may be issued to you.

This means TWO flats to one meter each, which will be a total of 5 for the 10 flats.

But in another situation whereby the flat is a single self-con then every falt will have their meter.

How to Apply For Pre-Paid Meter Online

Use your mobile phone or PC to do this;

  1. Visit the Pre-Paid Meter Online application portal on www.enugudisco.com
  2. Click on “Contact Us”
  3. Select the option “Request for Pre-Paid Meter” by clicking the button.
  4. Then you have the full form to fill out. Make sure to fill it out correctlyForm to Apply For Pre-Paid Meter OnlineNOTE: The account number there is not a bank account, rather it is your meter or Energy account number. And when you want to enter your account number in the account number field below, you do not need to add the symbols, just insert the account number in full. e.g 51/43/14/1632-01 should be written as 514314163201.
    Name: the name on the account or which the account bears.
    Account: your EDDC account number.
    Contact address: the house address you want to install the meter.
    State: select which state you want to install the meter.
    District: select the closest office around you, what is where your meter will be delivered to, before getting to you.
  5. After confirming your information is correct and you are happy, click on “SUBMIT”

That is all, you have just completed the process for requesting for your Pre-Paid Meter(s) Online. Be sure that you will be contacted as soon as possible.

Which Residents and Shops can Apply through the Link above?

There are FIVE states that can apply through this link. Make sure you have your building in Enugu, Abia, Anambra, Imo and Ebonyi State before you can apply for meter online. This means that a landlord or tenant from Lagos can’t apply through the above link, because every state has their district and headquarters.

How Long Will it Take to Get the Pre-Paid Meter?

There is usually no specific time given for this, but you expect your meter delivered to you within 60 working days. However, we have noticed that shops get their meter faster than apartments, but we can’t categorically tell how it’s like that.

Can I buy Energy Recharge Pin from Another State to Recharge in Enugu and Abakaliki?

Yes, it is possible since the pin number remains the same. it’s just like buying an MTN or Glo recharge card in Lagos and sending the pin to someone living in Enugu or Ebonyi State – the recharge still works. So it is applicable for this.

Just that there is no point buying from a distance of such because the price or bill for the recharges remains the same thing everywhere. Unless you got a stolen Pin which is a criminal offence.

What if my Meter develops problem can I repair it?

It is extremely important for you to know that it is a very big offence (and an unforgivable one) if you are curt climbing to work on the meter. Therefore, when you find yourself in this situation make a fast report to any EDDC office or head office around you. However, a Spoiled meter is not repaired, rather they replace it immediately.

Is Pre-Paid Meter Ajustable to read slowly?

This can lead to jail, it is a criminal offence. People have always believed that meter is adjustable, but at the end of it all money paid for it is wasted, your meter can develop issue from there, and you can be arrested for that if noticed and confirmed by the EDDC marketer that your meter was touched. Avoid it!


Having known all this, if you feel you still have questions to ask then use the comment box below.

Remember, we need you to share this page so that other will know how to get meter fast.



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