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How to Calculate Post UTME Cut-off Mark – I understand that many find it difficult and does not know the steps on how to calculate POST UTME Cut-off Mark. If you are one of this category then you are in the right place where our slogan is “for News updates and Online Learning“. So you learn new things for free here.

Now It is very important to calculate your POST UTME Cut-off Mark after writing the exams and aptitude text. This will enable you to know how far you are sure of gaining admission at that year depending on the cut-off point of the institution of your choice.

So now lets start on the topic: How to Calculate Post UTME Cut-off Mark:

  1. After you have written you JAMB, and the result is out
  2. Check your JAMB result and note your JAMB Score
  3. Buy the Post UTME form of the Institution you want to study and write the aptitude text exam
  4. Check the result when its out and also note your score.
  5. Now this is the calculation process: Add up your JAMB score with your Post UTME score (JAMB Score + POST UTME Score), then divide what ever you have gotten by 2. Let me give you a practical example here. For instance, JOHN wrote JAMB and scored 250, also post utme score 150. Now 250 +150 = 400. The 400/2 = 200. So if the cut-off point is 190 (depending on the institution and choice of study), JOHN will gain an admission because He got and passed the cut-off mark.

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  1. I score 185 in my jamb and score 266 in my post utme will I be given admission… I want to study banking and finance in imo state university

  2. i got 204 in my jamb and 120 in my funai putme,am i qualified 2 study there?

    • what department and what course? This is what determines if you will be qualify.

      • I got 233 in my jamb and 330 in my post UTME am I qualified to study medicine?

        • Good day Oyintokoni,
          Congrats in your score. To answer your quest, well it depends the school. Check your choice of school to see their official cut-off mark for each courses and department/faculty

  3. Pls I score 186 in jamb and 120 in post utme will get admission? Pls I need answer

    • Good day Promise.

      well, it all depends the institution you’re applying for admission. And not only that, cos after considering the institution, it will also depend the course you want to study.

      Take for instance; you made up to 200 in your jamb and you were qualified for post utme, you applied for UNN and you hit the cut-off mark which is 200, and you want to study Medicin – which their cut off mark for it maybe 250 -300. You can see that even though you got upto the university’s cut-off mark but your score couldn’t fetch you to get admission into the institution.

      So, therefore, it depends on the institution and institution’s cut-off point for the course you selected as your choice.

      Hope I answered you well? Please still feel free to ask any question. We are here to assist.
      Good luck.

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