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Learn How to Delete Facebook Account – Deactivate Acct

Like every other social account that you have the right to create new accounts and also delete or deactivate that account – in Facebook that can also be archived. For any reason (which I may not have time explaining on this page) you want to delete Facebook Account, on this page you can learn that perfectly well.

We have  we use images to explain the steps on how to delete Facebook Account freely. All you just have to do is follow the guide and you will see your self free and out of facebook arena for life.

Why You May Delete or Deactivate FB Account

Although at a time I still wonder why any one will want to deactivate his or her FB account, this must be serious, because is a center of social community are you meet new friends, some does business on FB too, save files and having fun with friends and families, also making free FB video calls, Facebook Chat messenger, etc, all this you will be missing out once you click the the “DELETE” or “DEACTIVATE” button.

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Or could it be that;

  • you have multiple facebook account so you need to delete one?
  • people are disturbing you through email messaging and mobile phone calls all the time?
  • you do not JUST want to facebook any more?

If any of this are behind your reason to deactivate your account, well there are other better alternative to control all that. But like I said before doing this may be best known to you.

SO lest face the real matter here on how to deactivate facebook account

 How to Delete Facebook Account / Deactivate acct

During registration you where as to provide your email address, phone number, user name, gender, date of birth, country and location, etc. The reason you where required to provide all those information about you is to enable what ever types of social median account you create new account with to create a “PROFILE” for you, so that you have an “IDENTITY”.

However, am trying to educate you that for you to delete Facebook account or any kind of social median account – then you will have to do that from your “PROFILE ACCOUNT“. So here is the step to locate and delete your facebook account from your FB profile page.

  1. Login on to with your phone or PC browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera mini, UC browser, etc)
  2. Enter your FB Login details  – email address and password
  3. Click the “Menu” bar. You see that at the top of the pageFB PROFILE ACCOUNT
  4. Click “Settings
  5. Now that your account setting page is opened , click on “SecurityFB Security page
  6. Click the “Edit” link for “Deactivate your account
  7. Now this is the final step on how to delete Facebook Account. Please note that you have to think again before doing this, because you will now get back your account back again online you do this. click “Deactivate your accountDeactivate your account

Have have said this repeatedly  that once you delete this account, you lose every thing connecting you with facebook which includes your friends, messages, pictures, games, videos, pages, group, etc.

We believe with this illustration on how to delete facebook account listed above you can now be able to do it.


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